"I was a terrible bridezilla, and now I’m so sorry."

It seems most bridezillas are so crazed and so consumed with outlandish requests during the lead up to their wedding that very rarely do they realise how irrational their behaviour really is.

So what happens when the wedding is over, they’re no longer the centre of attention and all they’re left with is rocky relationships and murky recollections about deranged actions and frenzied outbursts?

One bride can tell you. And it ain’t all that pretty.

Writing into Slate’s Dear Prudence agony aunt, self-confessed ‘Bridezilla No More’ told the story of how she has gone from crazed bride whom everyone was terrified of, to one who is now consumed by guilt with and struggling relationships.

The newlywed wrote that her ridiculous antics weren’t just reserved for her own fiancé, or bridal party, but stretched far and wide in their implications.

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“I spent hours poring over bridal magazines, dragging friends to bridal shops, and telling them they were ignorant or worse when they disagreed with me over silly things like the exact shade of ivory I needed for napkins,” she wrote.

But it wasn’t just the small things that got on her nerves. The bride was fixated on the fact her bridesmaids would look, and feel, perfect on her day.

“I told one of my bridesmaids to cover her tattoos. I told another to lose weight. I drove my maid of honour to tears with my constant demands and emails.”

However, perhaps most dangerously, it was her meddling with her husband’s groomsmen that has done the most damage, admitting she made her fiancé “drop his brother as best man when I heard him tell my fiancé to end our relationship because I was crazy”.

To this day, ‘Bridezilla No More’ acknowledges the flow-on effects to her behaviour have been serious, admitting that after the wedding only one of her bridesmaids still talks to her and that her husband’s relationship with his brother is strained because of her actions.

Seems like quuuuuuuite the pickle to us. Perhaps the moral of the story is don’t go crazed? Or if you’re not confident about that, avoid marriage all together.