The moment a groom's sexts were exposed on national television.

There are a few couples on Bride and Prejudice that just… might not work out.

Whether it’s because the mother-in-law doesn’t like the way the bride dresses, or because a father-in-law can’t get past his homophobia, the drama is endless.

This week, there was trouble for Izzy and Simon when it was discovered that Simon was sexting his ex-girlfriend while literally sitting next to his wife-to-be.

Before we go any further, here’s a recap of Izzy and Simon’s relationship.

Firstly, she agreed to open relationship following Simon’s repeat cheating, however there was a clause in the agreement that made ex-girlfriends off limits.

The pair were due to marry in a week, so upon seeing the texts, Izzy confronted Simon.

“You’re so full of s**t! This is the last time I will have you lie to me,” she yelled at him.

“What did I lie to you about?” Simon asked.

“Everything! You’re texting her constantly!” Izzy replied. “You lie and you tell me that you’re not with your ex-girlfriend but you lie! Do you think that it is fair? Because I love you.”

Then Simon… fled the scene, leaving Izzy completely devastated.

Someone take away this man’s love license immediately.

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