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All the best Twitter reactions to Bride & Prejudice's most heartwarming wedding.

Over the course of this season of Bride & Prejudicesix couples have battled with their families who disapproved of their relationships.

But while all six stories have been heartbreaking, there’s one couple in particular that dozens of Australians have truly empathised with – Ange and Dylan.

From the moment we were introduced to Ange’s father John, it became clear that Ange and Dylan’s story was one we’ve seen time and time again.

When 23-year-old Ange told her father that she had proposed to her girlfriend, John was forthright – he did not approve of his daughter’s relationship.

In fact, John made it clear that he believes homosexuality is a sin.

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Telling her father that she may not want kids in the future, John responded: “Well, that’s a good thing, cause it won’t f*ck their heads up.”

John also compared gay marriage to incest, telling his daughter: “That’d be like me marrying my sister. It’s totally wrong.”

As the wedding drew closer, Ange had one request for her father: “If you are going to be there, I want you to accept my relationship.”

And in the end, the unexpected happened.

Despite his struggle with accepting his daughter’s sexuality, John showed up to walk his daughter down the aisle.

ange bride and prejudice
John walked his daughter down the aisle.

"I promised my wife that I would be there for the children at all times," John said.

"I'm proud of who you are today and the person that you are," he told Ange.

"I love you and I just want you to know that I accept what you're doing here today and I accept you for who you are," he continued.

"For you and Dylan, with your future. I just want the best for you and Dylan."

Here's how Twitter reacted to John's decision to accept his daughter for who she is.



Bride and Prejudice star Dylan has created a campaign to raise money for minus18, Australia's national organisation for LGBTI youth.

Individuals who donate $10 or more to the cause will going into the running to win Dylan's wedding dress from the show. You can make a donation right here.

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