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Breakups and lasting marriages: Where the cast of Bride & Prejudice 2018 are now.

Ah, Bride & Prejudice. It’s an endless source of drama, arguments and scandals, and to be completely honest, we’re kind of obsessed with it.

Thankfully, it’s finally back on our screens for a brand new season.

This time around, the reality show will focus on five new Australian couples whose families will do just about anything to stop them from getting married.

From religious differences to accusations of kidnapping, the third season of the show definitely looks… intense.

Watch the trailer for the new season of Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings below. Post continues after video.

With the five new couples preparing to walk down the aisle, we decided to take a look back at last year’s couples to see what they’re up to now.

Here’s what we discovered:

Jess and Seyat

jess and seyat
Jess and Seyat on Bride & Prejudice. Image: Channel Seven.

After meeting while clubbing, Jess, then 21, and Seyat, then 19, were married on the last season of Bride & Prejudice.

The young couple endured one of the toughest journeys in the lead up to their wedding day on the show last year, as Seyat's mother Fatima was very firm with her opinion of Jess and the couple's relationships.

"Jess is very dirty. Very dirty. Disgusting. She smells like cats," Fatima said on the show.

"She dresses up like a prostitute. I don't like party girls."

In February, just months after the show aired, Jess confirmed that she had ended her relationship with Seyat.

Jess and Seyat. Image: Instagram.

"So since I’ve been trying to be really quiet about this because it is extremely private and didn’t want to be so public about the whole thing. But everyone keeps commenting on my photos and messaging me asking if Seyat and I are still married or together," she said.

"So I thought I should just let you all know, Seyat and I are still married but we are no longer together. We have separated and as much as I will say as to why, is because we are just too different and want different things out of life which hasn’t exactly realised."

Ange and Dylan 

Ange and Dylan on Bride and Prejudice. Image: Channel 7.

On the last season of Bride & Prejudice, Ange and Dylan's story was one that thousands of Australian viewers empathised with.

When Ange told her father John that she had proposed to her girlfriend, John was forthright – he did not approve of his daughter's relationship.

During their time on the show, it was unclear whether John would even attend the couple's wedding.

In the end, however, John showed up to walk her down the aisle.


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Today, Ange and Dylan are very much still married and living together with their dog, Leo.

They also recently started a joint YouTube channel, where they often share Q&A videos with their followers.

Hank and Lily


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Hank and Lily appeared on Bride & Prejudice due to Lily's tough relationship with Hank's parents.

Hank's parents struggled with Lily's left-wing political ideals, and described her as "controlling, stubborn and opinionated".

In the end, Hank's parents backed down and attended the couple's wedding.


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The pair just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and even travelled to Bali with fellow Bride & Prejudice couple Ange and Dylan last year.

Hank is currently competing in the National Australian Formula Ford Championships.

Melissa and Aalden

After dating for six years, Melissa and Aalden married on the last season of Bride & Prejudice.

The couple appeared on the show as Melissa's mother and sister weren't keen on Aadlen's past, which involved gambling addiction and infidelity.

"Aalden is basically a drop kick, he's a loser, he's not Melissa's level... my sister deserves better than that," Melissa's sister Rachel said on the show.

Since the show aired, the pair appear to be still happily married.

They also share two children.

Ry and Philippa


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Between them, then 39-year-old Philippa and then 21-year-old Ry have an 18 year age gap.


During their time on Bride & Prejudice, Philippa's parents disapproved of the couple's age gap, as they were concerned that Ry was using their daughter for money.

Her parents eventually came around to the marriage after the couple agreed to sign a pre-nup.


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Today, the couple are still together as they raise Philippa's two children. The pair both work in the film industry.

Izzy and Simon

Izzy and Simon.
Izzy and Simon on Bride and Prejudice. Image: Insatgram.

Izzy and Simon were the only couple who didn't go through with their marriage on Bride & Prejudice.

The couple were originally on the show as Izzy had been fighting with her mother Bobbi and her best friend Amanda over whether Simon was right for her.

While on the show, the couple ended their relationship after Simon went behind Izzy's back and discovered that he still loved his ex.

After the show aired, Izzy posted on Instagram in support of Simon after he was faced with significant backlash.


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Guys, let’s make one more BAP post and then put it to bed. I just spoke to Simon, for the first time in months, because I wanted to make sure he’s ok in the aftermath of last night. Understand that whilst what happened was explosive and hurtful ( for both of us), we’re humans and we make mistakes. What happened between us happened, and nothing anyone says will change that, there’s no need for ugliness. Simon may be painted as a villain on TV, but there’s many sides to him. He’s human, a human who I’ve loved and cared for. A human who held my hand in ER rooms, who lay with me when I shook with fever, who let me paint his face when I was sad, who tattooed my damn face on his arm just to make me smile and who’s good side I’ve always believed in... a human who deserves compassion and understanding. They say you either always love someone, or you never did.. and it holds true. So whilst our lives are on very different and seperate paths now, I don’t want for anything but beauty and compassion to cross his. To everyone who’s sent me messages of support I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But let’s not turn support for me into malice for Simon. Don’t pick sides, there aren’t any ????.

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Izzy, who also appeared on Australia's Next Top Model in 2011, describes herself as a model and art fiend, while Simon works as a barber.

The new season of Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings airs tonight on Channel 7 at 7.30pm.

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