Meet the Bridal Buddy: The easiest way to keep your wedding dress out of the toilet.

The hardest part of planning a wedding isn’t the cake, or making sure the DJ doesn’t go rogue with 80’s hits, it’s having a full proof plan just in case you need to go to the bathroom mid-reception in your wedding dress. Yes, your bridesmaids are technically supposed to be helping you, but wouldn’t it just be easier to go yourself?

Avoid this. Image: Youtube/Bridal Buddy.

Maybe you're thinking this is impossible considering you chose a tiered cupcake dress design and have the same mobility as a 1-year-old. Fear not, wedding expert Heather Stenlake has created just the fix.

Enter the Bridal Buddy.

It's a functional and easy-to-wear skirt that sits under your wedding dress which can fold the layers of your gown into a helpful 'bag' when the time to nervous pee arises.

Look how helpful this bag is! Image: Youtube/Bridal Buddy.

At just $59.99 the Bridal Buddy can be all yours (yep, they've got their own website), but Heather says that you should probably wear it a few times around the house to break it in. Just like a pair of shoes.

If you're finding it difficult to picture this ballgown baggy, check out the instructional video below.

Video by Bridal Buddy

Look how seriously satisfied this "bride" looks. This could seriously be you.

Happy days. Image: Youtube/Bridal Buddy.

You can order a bridal buddy on their website for the princely sum of $59.95 USD.