These beautiful designs will make you want a tattoo.

Some tattoos you definitely won’t regret.

The New York Times called Brian Woo an “in-demand tattoo artist for the Hollywood” set and looking at his unique and intricate designs, it’s easy to see why he has people booking appointments months in advance.

The 33-year-old Los Angeles-based tattoo artist goes by the name of “Dr Woo” and has inked the likes of Drake, Ellie Goulding and Zoë Kravitz.

One of Woo’s designs.

Woo became fascinated by tattoos as a teenager and used to experiment with ink and needles after school with friends (er…don’t try this at home) — and a lifetime of practice has paid off (the intricacy of his work would no doubt make MC Escher proud.)

His studio, Shamrock Social Club, is in West Hollywood, so it’s a little far for us to visit, but that hasn’t stopped us admiring his work on Instagram (along with his 475,000 followers).

Here’s some beautiful tattoospiration for your weekend. Enjoy.