Heather Maltman is also starring in Brett Lee's new Bollywood film.

It seems everyone thinks Brett Lee is the star in soon-to-be released Australian Bollywood film UNindian. Wrong.

In the building buzz surrounding the impending release of former Australian cricketer Brett Lee’s new Bollywood movie UNindian, people seem to have missed one very important thing. 

And that is our mate Heather from The Bachelor Australia.

Yes, our girl Heather is also starring in the soon-to-be-released film.


Brett Lee Unindian
Heather Maltman stars in The Bachelor. We mean UNindian. Source: Youtube

The film is a love story between an Indian single mother and an Australian man, played by Brett Lee.

Maltman’s only in it for two minutes  and she plays the role of a camerawoman.

Nonetheless, we will absolutely be watching the entire movie to make sure we don’t miss any of her appearance, and to of course support her acting career.

You’re welcome Heather.

You can watch the trailer below. Post continues after video.

Video via UnIndian

Speaking to Sydney Confidential, Maltman explained her decision. “I’m trying to move on from the fact that I did get my heart broken.”

“The Bachelor was just a chapter of my life, this really cool really interesting risk that I took in putting myself out there and the fact that it has given me a bit of a voice was really unexpected and yet appreciated,” she said.

“I would love to be able to continue having that voice with the audience that I guess I’ve created or become a part of and have my career at the same time.”

Brett Lee Unindian
Brett Lee in Unindian. Source: YouTube

While recognition is an added bonus of her appearance in The Bachelor, Maltman says of course that’s not why she went on the show. In fact, she didn’t even know it was going to be successful.

“Going on to the show was such a curve ball because I didn’t know how big The Bachelor was and it kind of took me by surprise,” she said.

“It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do during a break-up — to go along with the idea that he picked me,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“Everyone thought he picked me. It’s a relief to finally be honest and say, ‘He actually broke my heart’.”

Her two-minute cameo in UNIndian can be viewed in full when it premieres in Australian cinemas on October 15.