Brendan and Alex Fevola's relationship was rocked and then healed by I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Brendan Fevola seems to have turned his life around after winning the reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

“We didn’t go into the show thinking we were going to get anything out of it, it was just like, ‘Go in there and see how you go’. It’s opened up a whole new chapter, which is amazing,” Brendan told the Herald Sun.

The former AFL star revealed a softer side to himself on the show, speaking openly to his campmates about his relationship with his partner Alex, who he reunited with in October following a two year divorce.

Despite the lovely sentiments he revealed on the show, Alex was not pleased as she had asked him to keep their private lives to themselves.

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“I just sat there and I looked at my mum and I said, ‘What is wrong with him?’ I was at first horrified and I wanted to kill him, but I couldn’t even get in contact with him,” Alex said. Alex admits she was worried about being judged for taking him back despite his shady past. “My fear of people judging me for being back with him was totally unwarranted because I had the exact opposite,” Alex said.

“No one has condemned me for it, everyone has said, ‘How wonderful that your family is back together and how wonderful you have been able to separate, work through your issues and come back together and reunite your family’.”


Much like the viewers, who increasingly warmed-up to Fevola as the show went on, Alex’s approval for his statements grew as the show progressed. “I did have moments where I was actually really proud of him and I haven’t had many of those earlier on,” Alex said.

“I used to be proud of him when he played football because he was such an amazing player, [but] I think it was really a new feeling for me to be actually proud of him as a man and as a father and as a human being.” “He is actually such a good person in so many ways.”

Fevola was fired from the AFL in 2010.In 2013, he declared bankruptcy in 2013 after losing about $1 million through gambling. Alex took their three children Mia (now 16), Leni (now 9) and Lulu (now 6), to live with her mother while she established her beauty business to support the family. She now runs three Runway Room salons and has her own range of beauty products.

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Although Fevola’s unreliable actions eventually lead to their divorce, Alex continued to support him both emotionally and financially.

“It was fortunate for us that the business went well, because even though we were separated I did have to support Brendan financially because he wasn’t making any money and I wasn’t going to turn my back on him, he was my children’s father,” Alex says.

“Although he wasn’t great with money, and obviously made some bad choices, he was also very generous when he was the breadwinner.”


“We have always had that bond, although we were very much not together I felt an obligation to look after him because I think he would do the same for me.”

Fevola is very grateful for the support Alex gave him during his toughest time and calls her unconditional love “rare.”

“Alex has always been there and supported me and I think the one person that has always stuck by me,” he said. “I don’t think it was always love but she believed in me.”

Alex has no regrets about sticking by him.

“I knew he had such a goodness in him. His immaturity and his fame got in the way, it did turn him into a person who did some not nice things,” she said. “There’s been times in the marriage that I don’t think he’d be proud of, he wasn’t always a great husband by any stretch, but I definitely believed in him and I always knew he was a great dad.”

Fevola has learnt a great deal from the rocky past few years.

“I’ve learnt some pretty harsh lessons,” Fevola said. “To be at the top and hit rock bottom, it’s pretty tough.”

“I’ve learnt a lot of things along the way and now just getting back to level par, what normal guys do.”

“I’m so much more appreciative of the journey I’ve been on.”

So the question is, will Brendan and Alex officially remarry?

“It’s not on the cards,” Alex said.

“That’s what she thinks,” Fevola said.

We can’t wait to see what happens next for this family who seem stronger than ever.

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