Breeding fetish sex is all about getting off on the biggest risk there is.

It’s all about shooting blanks…

At least you hope it is when the ‘gun’ that is having unprotected-sex for the thrill of possibly-falling-pregnant is pointed at your head… or your fallopian tubes.

Yes, a breeding fetish is a thing. It’s when people have sex and get off on the chances of either falling pregnant or making someone pregnant.

They don’t want to get pregnant. A pregnancy would be a ‘loss’ in the game. But it’s all about the possibility. It involves risk, anxiety and apparently triggers a primal desire to breed.

“It’s not something that comes through my office frequently, or directly necessarily, but working in sexology and sex therapy, everything at some point circles through,” sex therapist and author Dr. Chris Donaghue told Broadly.

“The reason why people get aroused by risk and pregnancy is that our brain registers arousal and anxiety often as the same thing,” he explains.

I have  SO many questions.

First off, how and why?

We have so much fun during sex. I whisper in his ear to give me his big load and get me pregnant. He holds me down and tells me he’s going to put a baby inside me. It’s insanely hot. It really kicks on that primal desire to breed – breedingthrowaway91 on Reddit.

He loves it when I talk about my ripe egg, just vulnerable and waiting for his seed.- PrettyKitty on Reddit.


But what happens if a pregnancy does occur?

Apparently this, as well as sexual health, is openly discussed between ‘breeding’ partners.

“I personally do not believe that abortion is an option for me, and I make all of my partners aware of that before we play raw,” Anise, a 22-year-old New Yorker also told Broadly. “I don’t think its fair (and this is just my personal opinion) to get pregnant purely to terminate; it takes a toll on your body and causes undue emotional trauma to some people. The options I give my partners are adoption or co-parenting. When I am more financially stable, I am more than willing to be a single mother.”


For others, however, this honesty takes away the fun. In these cases, sex with a stranger – or multiple strangers (there’s such things as ‘breeding parties’) – without discussing logistics is part of the ‘risk’ and essential in arousal. Pregnancy, STDs, if the woman is wanting / not wanting to fall pregnant are all unknowns that add to the allure.

Staff from Mamamia reveal the details of their last sex dream. Post continues below video.

Like dedicated sperm, the nuances in the world of breeding sex just keep going.

For example, not everyone is into the ‘risk-factor’. Some participants are more interested in triggering the primal instinct with words and role play. These woman are usually on the pill, or have an IUD (which they won’t necessarily tell their partner about at the same time they’re asking them to ‘plant their seed’).

“Currently, when I role-play breeding, I do so while using birth control in the form of an IUD. In the past I have engaged in breeding fantasy with absolutely no protection, I have never been pregnant as a result of this or at all,” Anise said.

It could be the ‘risk’. It could also be the sense of ‘ownership’ or ‘power’ that comes with potential impregnation. It might also be a hard-wired desire in all of us, that only a few brave souls are chanelling and owning.

The only thing that might put a dampener on “breeding sex” is a real life baby.