When a mum asked a woman to donate her breastmilk, the conversation quickly turned nasty.

For years, mothers experiencing breastfeeding difficulties have turned to the internet to source breastmilk donations from other lactating mothers.

There’s Facebook groups, online forums and even apps out there dedicated to the cause.

But while digital wet-nursing is often a positive experience, one mother was met with the complete opposite after she was asked by a stranger to donate her breast milk.

According to screenshots shared on Imgur, the conversation between the two women began when the woman was asked for a donation of her breastmilk.

“[My friend] told me you had donated some breastmilk to a baby in need so I was wondering if you had anymore to spare,” the woman asked.

breastmilk donation
Image: Imgur.
breastmilk donation
Image: Imgur.

But when the other woman kindly offered her 60 ounces of breastmilk, because she has her own six-week-old baby to feed, their conversation quickly turned nasty.

"Lol...60 ounces? He eats like almost 20 a day. That's only three days worth," the mother responded.

"[My friend] said you make tons of milk so I was hoping you could give me more. He's got a sensitive stomach and breast milk is one of the few things his little tummy can handle."

After receiving this reply, the donating mother explained that she was hoping to donate her extra breastmilk to help out infants and premature babies, rather than toddlers.

breastmilk donation
Image: Imgur.
breastmilk donation

"I don't understand why you can't just give it to me?" the mother of the toddler responded.

"No offence but your kid is a toddler, not a baby who needs exclusive breast milk. I've offered you what I can spare already and am happy to see how much I have left over after donating the majority this weekend."

The other mum quickly snapped, calling the donating mother a "b*tch".

"Keep your sour milk, it's probably tainted with booze and painkillers," she said.

"Feel sorry for whichever poor kid ends up with it."

Well, that escalated quickly.

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