She fed her child. Then she got a complaint letter.

Another breastfeeding mum told off for feeding her baby.

Andrea Scannell took her children to have lunch at a Utah school in the US. The school feeds 600 people every day as part of a Federal program to provide families with lunches.

And seeing as though it was lunch time, Andrea decided to breastfeed her baby.

Unknown to her, other lunch eaters had expressed concern over her breastfeeding in public. Particularly around small children.

That is when Andrea was handed a complaint letter from a school employee, which was signed by the school Principal. The letter went viral on Reddit.

The letter.

Principal Monson wrote that while he personally understood the beauty of breastfeeding, he wouldn't want his child, or any, to be exposed to such public exposure. He wrote, "As such, I would kindly ask you find a way to discreetly feed the baby, whether with a small blanket or in a more private area while the lunch program is taking place."

Andrea told local media that she hadn't seen anyone acting uncomfortable around her while she was breastfeeding, and called the letter an act of bullying breastfeeding mothers.

US online mother groups are supporting Andrea saying that it is legal for women to breastfeed in public.

When lunch-goers were interviewed by local media, there was a divide in opinion. With some mothers saying they support Andrea and her right to feed her hungry infant. While other mothers said that they didn't think it was right for small children to see breastfeeding in public.

Here is the letter that Andrea was sent (and which has now gone viral):

What do you think? Inappropriate place to breastfeed? Or perfectly fine?

Want more? Try:

“I’m all for breastfeeding in public. But not here.”

When this mum was slammed in Starbucks for breast-feeding, we didn’t see this happy ending coming.

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