Breastfeeding pods are popping up in airports and their existence is dividing parents.

American airports are increasingly sporting “breastfeeding pods”, but the trend is sparking a lot of debate about whether they are creating more problems then they are solving.

Their purpose is to give nursing mums privacy but a recent thread on Mumsnet, gave an insight into how women are feeling about the invention.

“Saw this at Miami Airport. What do we think about locking breastfeeding women in cupboards? I think it is a bit weird and sad,” noted one Mumsnet user, who shared a photo of the pod online on Sunday.

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Many agreed.

“I hate this! Why can’t we just sit in a cafe?,” wrote one.

“Try making breastfeeding more acceptable in public and see whether breastfeeding pods are necessary,” wrote another.

But many were in support.

“I had a baby with a tongue tie and latching problems. Had to get out my whole breast to feed in public and found it excruciating. I would have loved a pod like this for those early days,” wrote one mother.

“It’s by choice not force. Some people prefer to breastfeed in private, whether for religious reasons or personal preference,” said another.

The pods which are built by lady startup Mamava are just under three metres in size, and cost AUD $35,000.


They’ve been installed across dozens of American airports over the past few years, and have started popping up in hospitals, at concerts and in workplaces.

There are 600 suites across the US and Canada.

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The mum duo behind the invention were motivated by their own personal experiences.

With five children between them, the co-founders were sick of awkwardly trying to balance breastfeeding at trade shows, airports, baseball games….”enough is enough” they thought.

“The pods provide privacy, cleanliness and all you need to use a breast pump or nurse an infant,” Christine Dodson and Sascha Mayer told babyology.

There are power plugs, a fold-down table and enough room for a pram inside the pods.

Christine and Sascha are quick to point out the pods aren’t to hide breastfeeding, but actually the opposite – to raise the profile of the natural human function.

Their mission statement in fact, is to create a healthier society through a changed cultural perception of pumping and breastfeeding.

No word yet as to whether they are coming to Australia.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association says they’re happy to support anything that makes women comfortable.

“Some mothers are happy enough to feed in any surroundings. However, others prefer privacy and the pods are a welcome initiative for those who would prefer to feed their baby in a private space,” Tessa Gillespie from the ABA told Mamamia.

“We encourage mothers to feed their babies wherever they are comfortable to do so – either using the pods or not,” she added.

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