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Ex-boyfriend can't get over it. Cuts up all of their possessions.

Yeah, she’s better off without him.

Look, when it comes to bad breakups, we’ve all been there.

But what this guy has done? It’s next level…

breakup revenge
Image via eBay.

A German eBay user, known as der.juli, is selling half of his and his ex-girlfriend‘s possessions. Literally.

Currently for sale is half a TV, half an iPhone, half a couch, even half a car AND HALF A TEDDY BEAR. The humanity…

He’s also uploaded a video to YouTube, which begins with the caption: “Thank you for 12 “beautiful” years Laura”, and then shows him cutting their stuff in half. With a power tool. With heavy metal music blaring (you know, to show he is ANGRY).

breakup revenge
Image via eBay.

This guy is either a major douche canoe, or seriously unhinged.

Laura, we don’t know who you are, or what you did – but good for you for ditching this creep.

And the question we want answered is, who’d pay 57 Euros for half an Opel car?

Video via “German

Have you ever experienced a bad breakup? Did you get revenge on your ex?

[We should say here that this could all be some avant garde art project/internet prank. Look at the precision of those cuts. But either way, destroying valuable possessions is weird and pretty much the definition of privilege.]

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