Is Malcolm Turnbull calling MPs to ask for their support?

Pressure is mounting for Tony Abbott to renounce his leadership, as Malcolm Turnbull calls fellow Liberal MPs to ask for their support.

Turnbull has reportedly started gauging support from his colleagues.

Turnbull has started gauging support from his colleagues, Guardian Australia reports.

ABC presenter Julia Baird tweeted the news soon after 11am, writing that Turnbull “has called to ask if they will vote for him as leader.”

But Sky journalist David Speers contradicted that claim, claiming Turnbull wasn’t asking anyone for support.

ABC journalist Leigh Sales confirmed on Twitter that her sources said the same, writing: “My info also” and retweeting Speers’ message.

Malcolm Turnbull’s office also contacted Mamamia’s offices this morning and would not give comment on the situation.

Baird followed up this afternoon with this tweet:

More to come.

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