Breaking Croc news! They’ve mated with uggs!

When I first saw this picture of SJP with her son wearing furry crocs, my heart leapt. Could it be? Could the Croc have actually mated with the Ugg and produced….a Crugg? And then yesterday I found them in the children’s department at David Jones and I bagged my daughter a pair QUICK SMART. Hers are more an oatmeal colour. They also had pastel pink but I’m going with the neutral because, you know, that’s more STYLISH. If the words ‘stylish’ and ‘croc’ can exist in the same blog post without, you know, crashing my computer. Now I’m looking for them in adult sizes to complete the dream.
UPDATE: Found them! Thanks to Tracy, here’s the link to buying them online from the Crocs website.