Breakfast for kids

How do you feed the kids something filling and nutritious in the morning, when all they want is something fast and sweet?

Getting kids to eat a good breakfast to start them on their day isn’t always easy. Kids’ cereals and breakfast bars are easy and convenient but often laden with sugar and other sweeteners. Get them into the habit of eating a good breakfast early on in their lives and it will stand them in good stead for the rigours of school, work and play.

Bull’s Eye: take a large piece of bread, white or brown, and cut out the middle with a pastry cutter or small cup, about 4cm wide. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan and lay in the bread. Carefully crack a small egg in the ‘hole’ and fry until the bottom is cooked, about 2 minutes. The white of the egg will probably spill over the top of the bread — don’t worry, just turn it over to cook the other side. Fry the cut-out bit of bread and serve it on the side. Quick, easy and fun to eat.

Muffin Sandwich: reminiscent of breakfast from a fast food burger chain, but better because you make it yourself. Fry or grill a rasher of bacon or 2 strips of streaky. Heat a little butter in a frying pan and crack in an egg. If you want to be ultra tidy about it, fry it in a ring, about 5cm wide. When half cooked, pierce the yolk with the tip of a sharp knife and swirl to mix in with the white. Flip it over, removing the ring first, if using, and cook the other side. Toast an English muffin and spread with your choice of sauce — tomato ketchup, brown sauce, HP, whatever, or leave it plain. Assemble with the bacon and egg, wrap with a napkin or kitchen paper and away you go.

Fruit Shake: really more of a smoothie, but you don’t have to tell them that. If you have a hand blender, it makes it more convenient (with less washing-up) but an ordinary blender will do fine. Use whichever fruits your child prefers: bananas, strawberries, peaches (use tinned ones when out of season). Place in the blender along with a small glass of orange or other juice and add a large spoonful of plain yoghurt. Purée until smooth.

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