Always hungry? You need to adopt these 6 breakfast habits.

Do you feel hungry all the time? I can sympathise, my friend. I get it.

It was 11:30am. I could hear my stomach whispering angrily, before rising to a deafening roar. “FEED ME ALL THE JUNK FOOD”, it bellowed.

I looked around, wondering if anyone had heard this grumble. “Shh, you’re embarrassing me”, I hissed angrily to my abdomen.

But my stomach did not listen. Without realising it, it had directed me downstairs to the convenience store, and shoved a bag of chips and a chocolate bar into my hand.

I wish I could tell you I had the self-control to refrain from eating all the junk food I had purchased. I will let my silence on this topic be answer enough.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Uncle Tobys. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

What I will say though, is that it was precisely at this point that I acknowledged my eating habits needed a bit of an overhaul.

I took to the internet to find a solution and found, surprisingly, that my breakfast routine may be to blame.

I found that hunger throughout the day may be caused by too much sugar and carbs. So apparently my jam on toast was not so great after all. If I thought deeply about this, I may have come to the same conclusion. I suppose up until then I didn’t really want to know the truth.

Luckily, I also discovered that there are many delicious alternatives that can keep you much more full throughout the day, and have the added bonus of being good for you.

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1. Oats.

This is a wonder food. Scientific American claims that this food makes you feel full because of dietary fibre which your body can’t digest as quickly as other kinds of fibre. They also claimed it had other things that made you feel full, but it sounded complicated and I tuned out.


2. Avocado on toast.

Also packed full of fibre, but this one also has oleic acid which Best Health mag says tricks your brain into thinking you’re full. Oleic acid may be cleverer than Zuckerberg.

3. Cereal with fruit on it.

Women’s Health outlined raspberries, pears and apples as fruits that make you feel full for longer. Cut these bad boys up, throw them on top of your morning bowl of cereal and you have yourself a healthy treat that will fill you up for hours.

4. Eggs.

What a versatile food these are. You can poach them, boil them, throw them at people you don’t like… And according to, they have protein and amino acids in them. Which are good, apparently.

5. Greek yogurt.

I never quite got Greek yogurt. I used to think it was sour and a little bit boring. And then I put some delicious fruits on top of it with a sprinkle of cereal and my world changed forever. This stuff is good, guys. Also, it has protein in it, which as I mentioned above, dieticians say makes you feel full.

6. Coffee.

Hooray! This one I was already doing at least once a day. A study by Duke University says because it acts as a stimulant it masks hunger and fatigue.

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I say it’s because it tastes delicious and I am illogical. Either way, coffee in moderation can give you a boost of energy and when had with a proper breakfast, can keep you feeling fuller throughout the day. Winning!

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