Braith Anasta on why he and Jodi Gordon broke up.

Rugby League star and commentator Braith Anasta split from his actress wife of three years Jodi Gordon late last year. Until now, their official statement concurred that they would remain the “best of friends”, particularly as they begin the journey of co-parenting their 23-month old daughter Aleeia.

The couple currently share custody of their little girl.

But today, Braith has opened up to the Daily Telegraph about the different lifestyles the pair were leading, and the different view they had on children which ultimately led to their split.

Beaching it w my angel???

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“Our break-up did not come out of the blue. We had both seen it coming for a while, we’d grown apart over the last little while and the reality was that it wasn’t working. We tried very hard but it wasn’t to be,” he said.

“We’ve been dealing with the break-up of a marriage, the media speculation and parenting our little girl,” Braith added.

It would appear that the couple only have the best interests of their daughter in mind, as they continue to post pictures of her on their social media accounts. But Braith suggests it may have been the number of kids that also threw a spanner in the works.

Breath with his little girl. Image: Instagram.

"I wanted more kids and it wasn't for her at that time in her life. I still want a big family although there’s nobody on the horizon at the ­moment. I just love Aleeia so much and what she has brought to our lives," Braith admits.

At present, the pair have sold their Sydney home, and Braith has moved into his mother Kim's home, as she suffered a heart attack just days before the couple announced their separation. His heart and mind is on being there for his mother - and there for his daughter.

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