NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Jodi Anasta's ex gets very coy about his love life.

It seems star-crossed lovers, Braith Anasta and fitness trainer Rachel Lee just weren’t meant to be after all.

Reports emerged late last week of Braith, who is four months fresh out a divorce from model and actress, Jodi Anasta, was dating the Sydney mother of one.

The 34-year-old former rugby league player told KIISFM’s Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O that the two were ‘just friends’ during an interview on Friday morning.

Jodi Anasta. Image via Instagram.

"She's just a friend of mine, nothing to be said about it," Braith said.

Even though the pair were spotted cosying up last week in Bondi, Braith was quick to squash the rumours.

"We were having coffee with a group of friends," he said.

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Braith may not have confirmed the gossip but he must be keeping some tabs on the trainer as he told the hosts she was still single.

"Yeah of course she is," Braith said.

The news comes after Jodi was questioned about Braith's new relationship at an event last Friday.

"I’m really happy for him — if he’s happy, then I’m happy," the 31-year-old model told The Daily Telegraph.

Jodi and Braith with their daughter Aleeia. Image via Instagram.

Jodi and Braith who were together three years currently share custody of their two-year-old daughter, Aleeia.

Jodi spoke to The Daily Telegraph about their relationship earlier this year.

“Braith’s an amazing father, he really is. He has been a great support, too. I feel pretty lucky having that relationship at the moment, and especially with it being so early; I feel lucky to have that."

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