Today should have been Anna's wedding day. She tragically lost her cancer battle last night.

Anna Swabey was just 23-years-old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

She was told she had three years to live.

After her diagnosis, Swabey did two things:

  1. She downloaded Tinder and fell in love with a man called Andy Bell
  2. Started her blog, Inside My Head, which turned into an international sensation

Anna’s blog turned from a way to grieve her limited time on earth to a community with a strong following, each reader connected to her personal story.

Despite her doctor’s expectations that she would be dead soon, Anna announced that she was engaged to Andy in December of 2015.

They set the date for September 17, 2016.

The 25-year-old had been madly planning the wedding of her dreams, with her health looking fairly optimistic, until last Sunday.

Writing on her blog, Anna’s older sister Victoria said she had been barely conscious for the past few days.

“…Anna’s deterioration was so sudden, she was sleeping constantly and we truly thought that we wouldn’t get her back from that,” Victoria wrote.

“We have a few lucid moments with her every now and then, and we are so thankful that she is comfortable and relatively pain-free. We can all take comfort in the fact that Anna is exactly where she wants to be, surrounded by her close family and friends.”

Today was meant to be Anna’s wedding day – September 17th.

But last night, her family made the heartbreaking announcement that their darling friend, daughter, sister, and fiancee had passed away.

“Anna passed away peacefully in the early hours of this morning. I cannot put into words the heartbreak we all feel,” they wrote on her Facebook page.


“…But amongst our sadness, we are so proud of her courage, her spirit and the determination she showed throughout her illness. If ever there was a person to show us how to live, it’s Anna Louise Swabey, our beautiful, brave girl.”

Scroll through to see more of Anna’s bittersweet jourey. Images via Facebook. (Post continues after gallery.)

From their first date, Andy had known his relationship with Anna would be limited.

“She texted saying: ‘I’ve only got three years to live. I’ll understand if you don’t want to meet up’,” he told the Daily Mail.

“But I immediately messaged back saying it didn’t change anything for me, I wanted to get to know her.”

Andy said he never decided to date Anna because of “pity”, but because he was instantly drawn to her.

“We talked about her illness of course, and it was impossible to forget this gorgeous girl was so unwell, but being with her was all I wanted. I didn’t care how long that was for.”

In a devastating essay for Marie Claire, Anna knew she was going to break Andy’s heart.

“I knew halfway through my third date with Andy that I was going to break his heart. Not because I was going to cheat on him or dump him, but because I knew I was going to die.

“I’ve come to terms with my death now, yet I struggle when I think about how it’s going to affect Andy. I worry about how he’ll cope when I start slipping away.

“Terminal illness has taught me to seize opportunities, so 
I have to trust him when he says he wants to be with me forever. Even if we don’t know how long that is.”