Bradley Cooper has created Emma Stone a Tinder profile.

Reptilian eyes?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield may have broken up (they’ll be together forever in our hearts…) but Stone is unlikely to be single for long, now that her pal Bradley Cooper is on the case.

He has generously composed a Tinder profile for his Aloha co-star, 26, that is sure to encourage right-swipes.

“[Her] reptilian eyes take you into a kind place, soft and lovely and full of grace,” is how Cooper, 41, described Stone’s peepers to People magazine.

Stone and Cooper on the publicity trail for Aloha. Image via Getty.

Reptilian? Hmmm. That’s not quite as flattering as we’d hoped.

Feline? Bewitching? Soulful? Piercing? Resembling pimming swools? Any of those might be better for next time, Brad. Can I call you Brad?

Anyway, we’re sure he meant it in the best possible way.

Cooper used to date model Suki Waterhouse, 21, and was seen kissing Russian supermodel Irina Shayk in London last week.

Useless Bradley Cooper fact: He was in Sex and the City, and made out with a bummed-out Carrie Bradshaw after her “Single and Fabulous?” New York Magazine cover.

Coops with fellow modeliser Leo DiCaprio.

For her part, Stone was also fascinated by Cooper’s eyes.

For his Tinder profile, she suggested, “Look at those blue [eyes]. He’s into Chinese food, but he’s equally into making you smile.”

They can both sort of rhyme! Maybe they should just date each other.

But then the world would miss out on Stonefield, or Emdrew, or whatever their couple name was. And they were glorious together.

Stonefield being awesome.

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