Bradley Cooper has tiny nipples. Tiny, tiny, sexy nipples.

It’s no secret that actor Bradley Cooper is an extremely good looking man.

Here he is being a babe in a car while wearing a waistcoat:

Here he is being sexy in French, witch his luscious locks pulled back above his forehead:

And here he is being totally deliciously hot while eating the least masculine of foods, yoghurt:

Anyway. Bradley is certified man candy for anyone who is sexually inclined towards the male species but it has just come our attention that Brad has one tiny flaw.

Well, two tiny flaws. And when we say tiny, we mean tiny.

Bradley has the smallest nipples we have ever seen. The Silver Linings Playbook star graced the cover of W Magazine, showing off his bare chest. And two little tic-tacs for nipples.

If you compare the surface area of his nipple to, say, his nostril… it’s unusual. We can’t stop looking. Not in a bad way, just in a “well that was unexpected” way. In fact, we are totally fine with looking at this handsome  picture as many times as possible.

Bradley was on the Ellen show in 2012 talking about his ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ title and discussing claims that he has a third nipple (and fourth. And fifth…).

Thanks to W Magazine, we know Bradley only has two nipples. Well… maybe one, split into two smaller ones.

Still a babe, Bradley. Tiny-nippled babe.

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