Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife Jennifer Esposito has backtracked on her comment about Lady Gaga.

The world just can’t stop talking about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s “romantic” Oscars performance.

From fans to celebrities to even Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife Jennifer Esposito, everyone had their say on whether the performance was “proof” that the A Star Is Born actors are In love.

Yesterday, Esposito commented “Ha” on David Spade’s Instagram post about the pair, which he captioned: “Is there any chance these two aren’t f**king?”

bradley cooper wife
Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper were married for just four months. Image: Getty.

But now, Esposito has backtracked on her comment about the pair.

Sharing a video to explain her comment, the Blue Bloods actress said that she meant no harm with her lighthearted comment.

"It was towards David Spade's very outward statement about something about an ex, and I literally laughed at him because he was so bold in what he was saying and I thought it was funny," she explained.


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"I don't know what went on, I don't care what went on. I commented on something that I thought was funny," she continued.

"When you come and attack a person for saying 'Ha'... we have so many things going on in our country and in our world that need attention."

2. Married at First Sight’s Troy Delmege just appeared on Ellen and what the hell is happening?


It seems Married at First Sight's Troy Delmege has reached international fame.

Remember this?

But seriously, how could anyone forget Troy furiously brushing his teeth before meeting his reality TV bride Ashley Irvin?

On The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, Ellen shared a clip of Troy's aggressive and, erm, unique teeth brushing skills while discussing a number of "crazy reality shows".

"I'm really not nervous for today at all. I am ready to stun her [Ashley] – I will stun her," Troy said in the clip.


Barely able to control her laughter, Ellen responded: "Now the guy who lives with his mum and the cats doesn't seem so bad".

3. Katy Perry shares how Orlando Bloom’s proposal went disastrously wrong. 

There's just something about a clumsy celebrity proposal story that makes us swoon.

It just makes them seem so... normal.

And according to Katy Perry's account of how Orlando Bloom popped the question, it was as endearing as ever.

katy perry orlando bloom engaged
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Image: Getty.

The two were engaged on Valentine's Day this year, but the momentous occasion wasn't without its hiccups.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Perry revealed how it all went down in a helicopter: "We had champagne in the helicopter and the [ring] box was in his pocket. He had written everything he wanted to say in a note to divert [my attention]."

But then disaster struck - and the Lord of the Rings star accidentally smashed the champagne bottle while trying to get the ring box out of his coat pocket.

“The champagne [bottle] is broken, the bottle is everywhere, and I’m still looking at the note, and he’s pulling out this box that’s too big for his coat pocket, so it rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the champagne,” she said.

Still, it was ultimately a success.

“It was really sweet. We did land and it was like James Bond, everybody had an earpiece,” she said. “We landed on a rooftop [in Los Angeles] and my whole family was there, and all my friends. He did so well!”


The couple met at the 2016 Golden Globes, where they bonded over a shared love of fast food.

See - they're just like us.

4. Apparently Justin Lacko has quit the I’m a Celebrity group chat because he “hates” everyone.


It looks like there was some bad blood at the I'm a Celeb jungle camp.... specifically between former Love Island contestant Justin Lacko and, well, everyone.

The contestant, who was the second to leave the competition, apparently quit a WhatsApp group chat created between co-stars because "everyone hated him".

Speaking on The Kyle And Jackie O show this morning, former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari spilled the gossip, adding that the animosity seemed to go both ways. Apparently Justin didn't take a shine to anyone in the cast.


"We created this little WhatsApp group of everyone that was in the jungle, and last night Justin quit the group.

"That's the scandal. I think 'cause he hates us and everyone hated him in the jungle."

He didn't reveal why the rest of the cast felt this way, but judging by a few of Justin's comments during his stint on the show, we can see how he might've rubbed a few people the wrong way.


Most notably, perhaps, was the episode in which he claimed he was “offended” by Angie Kent's protest against the weigh-in challenge.

Yvie had earlier told the camp that she’d had an eating disorder for “most of my life”.

“I’m going to respectfully ask that my number is taken away, and that I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, because I don’t think it really matters," she passionately told her fellow contestants.

After her powerful speech, however, Justin wanted to tell her that she hadn’t been inclusive of him and his feelings.

“I was a bit offended. I’ve gone through my own experiences, I was bullied in school and I was defenceless,” he said.


5. The damning message from Bronson that shows he may have had an ulterior motive for MAFS.

Despite it becoming apparent within about 30 minutes of meeting his bride that things weren’t going to… work, Bronson Norrish appeared to be on Married At First Sight to find love.

But a Facebook Messenger exchange shared by a former MAFS participant seems to suggest that Bronson had an ulterior motive for going on the Channel Nine reality TV show.

married at first sight bronson

Pink-loving American Scarlett Cooper, who appeared on season four of the series, put a screenshot of messages on her Instagram Stories this week, which she said are between Bronson and a woman he dumped right before entering the experiment.

And oh, it’s pretty damning.

Read all about it in our earlier post here.

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