The clever way to makeover your underwear drawer in time for Christmas.

Thanks to our brand partner, Myer

I think there are two types of people in the world.

The first have an underwear drawer filled with neatly folded matching bras and knickers. They have a bra for every outfit and know exactly what type they need to wear with each dress or shirt.

The second type is more like me. My underwear drawer resembles the rag pile at a local jumble sale. It’s jammed and crammed in, a mish mash of colours.

I know why and its not just my lack of organisational skills. I blame my shopping habits.

My underwear purchases are hap-hazardous and ill thought out. Nothing matches, most of my dozens and dozens of bras are older than my children but I only wear about three of them cause the rest don’t fit.

Pretty much what my underwear drawer looks like. Image: iStock.

Cause surely if I was a 10B in 1990 I’m still a 10B right?

And so the three I wear the most are those I know fit, they are soft, comfy, and well loved. Kinda like the lumpy teddy I slept with for 12 years when I was a kid.

The only problem is that these well-worn bras make me look, well, a little like the teddy I had for twelve years, soft, lumpy and slightly misshapen.

I think its time for an underwear drawer makeover.

I know its time to shake things up and I had planned to make it my New Year's resolution but it turns out I can do it sooner with the help of Myer.

In fact, I might just be able to get myself some properly fitted bras just in time for Christmas.


 "I think its time for an underwear drawer makeover." Image: Giphy.

The Myer Fitting Event runs for weeks from Monday 14 November until Sunday 11 December. Its an incredible opportunity to have a one on one consultation with a specially trained bra fitter who can discuss your needs and provide guidance on the right bra for you.

And the selection of bras that are on offer are top class. Myer has joined with Fayreform, Bendon, Playtex and Triumph to create a ‘bra fitting event’ that your boobs will thank you for.

The benefit of having a one on one fitting is that you get what you need, not what you might think you need.

Myer fitting specialists can advise which bra is right for you and they will carefully explain the benefits of each bra - both to enhance your outfit and help your clothes fit better and to help your posture.

Myer offer a range of bras for every need.


Who finds sports bra shopping as confusing as I do? Image: iStock.

You might be looking for a sports bra and get confused by the two styles. Should you go racer back or traditional? Should you go with or without a wire? Do different bras help for different sports? And how can you increase support and minimise bust bounce?

If you need a maternity bra then no doubt you will have heaps of questions.  Do you need to change bra sizes? Do you need to consider breastfeeding? How best can you support aching and sore breasts?

Maternity bras are traditionally constructed without wire, set in a frame, and with a built-in A-frame drop down cup for easy access when breast-feeding. Your Myer fitter can advise the best one for you.

So many questions. Image: Universal Pictures.

Or what about those of us who can never work out what bra to wear with what dress?

A push-up bra with the addition of padding to create maximum fullness and cleavage or a convertible bra for an outfit with a with plunging neckline or open back.

The specially trained Myer fitters throughout Myer locations that can help you find just the right bra whatever your needs might be.The fitting doesn’t take long and it’s easy to pre-book an appointment online to help save time and plan your visit or you can just pop in store for an on the spot fitting.

With an opportunity like this my underwear drawer’s make-over is underway.

What would you like a fitting specialist to help you with?