A guy pranked his girlfriend when she passed out. Then she found the photos.

When are the nominations open for Worst Boyfriend of the Year? Because we have a contender right here.

Not only did Twitter user Marissa’s boyfriend NOT help his girlfriend when she had passed out drunk, he used the opportunity to take photos of her with various objects for his own amusement.

However, Marissa did seem to see a funny side to the intrusion, sharing the images on Twitter herself.

“This is how my boyfriend ‘took care of me’ when I got blacked out lol,” she wrote.

So how did her boyfriend look after her?

Well, first he took a Snapchat of her asleep at her laptop with the caption: “When ur lit but that assignment is due at midnight.”

(Image via Twitter/marissanpadilla)

Then he placed an electric razor in her hand, clearly impressed by his own wit.

(Image via Twitter/marissanpadilla)

And then the man thought it would be funny to put a bike into bed with her... for some reason.

(Image via Twitter/marissanpadilla)

Before deciding it would be hilarious if he put a helmet on too, because "safety first".

(Image via Twitter/marissanpadilla)

We're sure this boyfriend is feeling pretty happy with himself and his prank. But if we were him, we'd watch out next time we drink too much around Marissa - she might get revenge.

PS: Drink responsibly, people.

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