Man accused of offering his girlfriend $75,000 to have an abortion.

A successful hedge fund manager offered to pay his girlfriend up to US $75,000 to terminate her pregnancy, a New York court has heard.

According to 32-year-old model Elmira Naymark, her now ex-boyfriend, 29-year-old Ron Ozer told her to “call the clinic” and “take a pill” when she shared the news of her pregnancy in January.

The pair met through mutual friends in 2013 and dated for two-and-a-half years before Naymark fell pregnant, travelling the world and living in a lavish $2 million apartment in the West Village.

Naymark says she was offered money and verbally abused by her ex-boyfriend.

The New York Post reports Naymark's lawsuit claims that when she informed her MIT graduate boyfriend responded, "I f*cking hate you," and called her "white trash."

Ozer, who works for multi-national company Citadel and specialises in negotiating multimillion-dollar natural-gas agreements allegedly told Naymark we would deny the paternity of the child and even had a colleague offer Naymark money in exchange for the termination of the pregnancy.

“He wants to help you out and take care of this,” the colleague reportedly texted Naymark, adding, "This isn’t the only chance for you to have children. You don’t have to force this and do it alone. He’d be willing to offer a lump sum of money to you . . . I’m sure he would have no problem with 50k-75,000+.”

Ozer has not contacted Naymark since their daughter was born in September. Source: iStock.

When Naymark refused, the colleague again suggested she take the money and use it to freeze her eggs and invest in fertility treatments later in life, “with the support network of a husband,” according to court papers.

Naymark gave birth to a girl in September and has not received any support from Ozer and is now seeking full custody of their daughter, as well as child support, health insurance for the child, funding for private school and summer camp fees, and a US $5 million life insurance policy that lists both herself and her daughter as beneficiaries.