She sent her boyfriend to buy her makeup. Realises it's a big mistake. HUGE mistake.

This is story of a man, a brave man sent to a place where few men have trodden before – the makeup department.

Sent on the quest by an apologetic girlfriend, our unidentified hero has shared his treacherous journey via Imgur, posting a series of screen-grabs from their hilarious text-message exchange.

With phrases like, “What’s matte?”, it’s hard to know who ought to have been be more terrified in that moment.

Yet, to be fair to our well-intentioned hero, the instructions he'd been given weren't particularly specific.

At this point her boyfriend needs to give himself a pep talk to get through the ordeal.

And he's on track.

Until total confusion sets in... well as hunger.

But hey, he has a sense of humour.

Once he got past the overwhelming amount of choice, the shopper seemed to embrace the experience as journey of discovery. "Wtf. They have baby lips?"

From there, the learning only continues. Lesson 1: "Fake eyelashes are called falsies". Now you're getting it!

But just when we think he's gotten himself a proper eyelash education, he reaches for the Clag.

You better be joking, buddy. Dear God, you better be joking.

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