Emma Freedman found out the guy her friend was dating, was engaged.

Imagine scrolling through the interwebs and stumbling across an article about your friend’s new beau. You read it. Thoroughly.

Now imagine as you look through the article, you read something that doesn’t sound quite right. Your friend’s new boyfriend is actually already engaged

This is exactly what happened to Australian radio newsreader, Emma Freedman. And she’s written about it to shed light on the obsession we have with ‘social media stalking’.

Emma Freedman is sharing her story. Image via @emma_freedman Instagram.

"Here's a little wakeup call to anyone out there pining over a beautiful man (or woman) and dreaming up wildly romantic fantasies about a future life together. Warning: they might be engaged," she wrote on

In her article Freedman explains that this is a story about her friend 'Belle'. Belle isn't her friend's real name but she chose to use it in the article for good reason.

"Because she is exactly that, a belle; an attractive, charming and popular young lass with the world at her feet," Freedman wrote.

Emma explains the situation; she says that her friend was dating a guy who she really liked. He was attractive, smart, had a great job (too good to be true?). Freedman admitted that Belle liked to stalk guys she was seeing, and this new guy, who is referred to as 'LeMoron', was no different. Belle dug deep.

Freedman has named said man as 'LeMoron'. Image via @emma_freedman Instagram.

LeMoron and Belle had discussed their dating history on previous dates. Both had taken a backseat from the dating scene for a while until now, apparently. It all seemed to be going perfectly.

But then Freedman explains she received a text from Belle with a link to an article about the new beau. Belle was admiring how attractive he was. Freedman read the article and was shocked. Freedman then asked Belle if she had actually read the article. Belle admited she was too distracted by his photo and had only read the beginning.


Freedman wrote the following conversation they had on

EF text: “Ummmm did you read the article?”

Belle: “Haha not yet, was too caught up in the pic (love heart eyed smiley face)”

EF: “Yeah … maybe read it. Maybs read it NOW …”

Belle: “What? Why”

— 4 minute interval —

Belle: “OMG OMG OMG”

— 2-second interval —

— Phone rings, pick up immediately —

Belle: “He’s engaged? What the f**k? Oh my goddd …”

EF: “I can’t believe you didn’t read the article!”

Belle: “This is not the issue. The issue is he’s engaged! What the hell, this is alllll wrong. How can he be engaged?”

Ultimately the guy is never spoken to again by either of the women, and they just talk about what an a**hole he is.

Freedman's takeaway is stop the stalking. She says you don't need to find out about things like this by reading about it on the internet.

Freedman, however has been very successful in the romance department this year.

Earlier this year Freedman showcased her new romance with Charlie Rundle. It was a tough end to the year last year after Freedman left her job at Channel Nine and dealt with a break up from her cameraman boyfriend. But 2015 seems to be the young gun's year to shine.

She's now working for Southern Cross Austereo as their radio newsreader and is also hosting The Scoopla Show with former 2DayFM breakfast show host Jules Lund. She won Dancing with the Stars 2015, proving her skills extended to the dance floor too.

She won Dancing With the Stars. Image via @emma_freedman Instagram.

It's been a good year for the talented Australian personality. And now she's just looking out for a friend, and for the single population who are wading their way through the dating mangroves that can throw slime on you sometimes.

Keep your head up Belle, you'll find the right (not-engaged) guy for you.

What do you think about stalking people that you're dating?