Why are 14,000 people trying to track down this 17-year-old guy?


How do you get yourself trending world wide on Twitter? Post your phone number.

That’s what 17-year-old New Zealand boy Liam Martin did yesterday. And now he has a broken phone and over 14,000 unread messages.

But it wasn’t by accident.

Liam has an Instagram account called waverider, where he recreates celebrity looks.

His pictures get thousands of likes a day. Take a look at them:

So, when you’ve got that kind of weird fame, what’s the most natural thing to do next?

Post your mobile phone number to Twitter, obviously.

Speaking to Stuff.co.Nz, Liam said:

“I was at work. I just decided, why not try to trend worldwide on Twitter?” Martin said.

“I didn’t think I actually would. And then I thought, ‘why not make it something crazy like my iMessage?”.

He gave the world his phone number. And #iMessagemeliam started trending. And then he was trending worldwide.

“I kept tweeting and it started to get retweeted. It just blew up. Now my phone doesn’t work properly,” he said.