Every kid's fantasy: Boy builds secret fort in department store. Lives there for days.

Every kid must have had this fantasy:

You somehow manage to hide in a big department store over night. You build a mad fort to sleep in, and spend the whole evening playing with all the toys, eating all the food and just generally having an amazing time.

One kid in the US just managed to do it. And he did it for FOUR DAYS.

CBS DFW News reports that the 14-year-old ran away from home, and decided to set up camp in the local Walmart (kind of like our Kmart).

He built two fort-like campsites – one behind the boxes in the pram aisle, and one behind the giant stacks of toilet paper in the bathroom aisle:

He changed his clothes every couple of hours to avoid detection, lived off food and drink from the store, and even wore diapers so he wouldn’t be spotted going to the toilet.

And get this – he also decided his little fort needed a pet, so he went over to the pet section and got himself a goldfish and a bowl.

His downfall? Having nowhere to put all the rubbish he was creating – the garbage trail is what led to him being discovered. The police were called in and he was taken home.

No word on what happened to the goldfish.

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