Little boy gets block of wood for Christmas instead of PlayStation 4.

A little boy has been left devastated after receiving a block of wood with a penis drawn on it, instead of the PlayStation 4 he had asked Santa for Christmas.

Christmas Day had started off so well for the Lundy family in Massachusetts in the US, with Scott, 9, waking up filled with excitement and racing to the tree to see if Santa had come through for him and given him the gaming console he’d requested. The boy tore at the wrapping, revealing a PlayStation 4 box.

His dad Brian told Boxton’s FOX 25 that at this point Scott yelled out, “Yes, this is the best Christmas ever. Dad, can we set this up now?”

When Scott opened the actual PlayStation box he found a block of wood inside, cut to fit perfectly, with the rude drawing on it and the message, “From cock and balls with love.”

wood for christmas
Scott seconds before discovering his PlayStation was in fact a block of wood. Image via FOX 25.

To say Scott was devastated is an understatement.

Both Brian and step-mum Kristin were shocked to see what their son was left holding. Kristin took to Facebook to share their disgust:


My 9 yr old son ripped open the wrapping on a PS4 and yells YES THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER DAD CAN WE SET THIS UP NOW…. To my husband and sons surprise when they opened the box they didn’t find a PS4 ….They found a wooden replica PS4 in its place… This has ruined his belief in Santa.”

Kristin told FOX 25 that Scott was crying and upset, explaining that when they tried to comfort him he told them he wanted to be alone. “So at that point, I was crushed,” Kristin said.

Kristin and Brian talk about how they dealt with their son’s shock at discovering a block of wood instead of a PlayStation. Article continues after this video, courtesy of FOX 25.

Video via Daily Mirror

The Lundys tried to repair the damage that had been done to their son by telling him that Santa can’t actually make electronics so buys them from stores like Target. Braving the crowds, the family headed to their local Target store where the console was immediately replaced. They also received a game and a $100 gift card.

When they questioned staff about the incident they were told that this type of thing “happens occasionally”. Still, it’s difficult to believe someone could be so heartless, particularly when it comes to gifts that end up in the hands of children. Wherever the person responsible is, we hope karma gets them, and gets them good.

Kristin and Brian ended up managing to convince Scott that a “rogue elf” was to blame for the entire incident which is just too adorable for words. Nice save Lundys.