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1. Two-year-old drowns while playing hide and seek with his grandparents.

Tiffehnie Marie with her two sons. Elliot tragically drowned in a water tank. Via GoFundMe.

A two-year-old boy from Queensland has tragically drowned while playing hide and seek.

Elliot Michael Tate went missing on his family property near Helidon on Friday.

His mother, Tiffehnie, was preparing to take him and his younger brother to go to a Wiggles concert when he went missing during a game of hide and seek with his grandparents.

The two-year-old, one of two boys for mum Tiffehnie was found face down in a water tank and despite efforts to resuscitate him he couldn't be revived.

"Elliot was a 2 year old boy who loved life, being outdoors and fixing things. The sweetest boy we've ever met, he has a younger brother whom he loved very much. His Mummy Tiff and Daddy Michael gave him a beautiful life full of love and adventure," a post a Go Fund Me page reads.

"Elliot was supposed to be getting ready with his mum and brother so they could go and see the Wiggles Concert, however the outdoors loving little boy that he was decided to go out on an adventure of his own where he tragically lost his life."

2. Former AFL star sentenced to five-and-a-half years’ jail for domestic violence.

Former AFL player Albert Proud has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in jail for assaulting his ex-partner — but will be eligible for parole next year.

Proud, who played 29 games for the Brisbane Lions and recently played for Mt Gravatt Vultures, was charged with attempted murder, acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and willful damage over an attack on former partner Richelle Kadadi after the pair attended a wedding together last year.

The bride and groom were the ones to rescue Ms Kadadi as she staggered away from Proud’s home, heavily injured.

Ms Kadadi described in her victim impact statement how terrified she was the night of the assault.

“She suffered the additional pain of having her five-year-old son live with his father in Sydney while she recovered and was cared for by her elderly parents,” Brisbane District Judge Tony Moynihan told the ex-Brisbane Lions player.


“She just has to wait and see what the long-term consequences of your assault on her are.”

“You are a danger to members of the community when you are drunk.”

Proud will be eligible for parole in October 2017.

 For domestic violence support 24/7, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). 

3. Sara Connor reunited with ex-husband in Bali.

The Australian woman arrested in Bali over the death of a policeman has had a reunion with her ex-husband.

Sara Connor’s former husband, Anthony 'Twig' Connor was allowed a 15-minute private visit with Ms Connor.

The father of their two sons briefly saw the 45-year-old at Denpasar Police Station.

Ms Connor, 45 and her British boyfriend David Taylor, 34, were arrested on August 19 over the death of officer Wayan Sudarsa.

Ms Connor's lawyer Robert Khuana said it was an emotional reunion.

“They hugged. (They were) crying together, both of them” he said.

“(They were) sad because they never thought this thing would happened. Especially now, they're thinking about their children."

Ms Connor's legal team have said they expected to take the Connor and Mr Taylor back to the crime scene at Kuta Beach today to walk officers through a re-enactment of what occurred almost two weeks ago. It is the first time they will visit the scene together.

4. Sydney cruise ship drug bust “biggest ever.”

More than $30m worth of cocaine has been found on a cruise ship in Sydney in what police say is the biggest ever cruise ship drug bust.

Three Canadians have been arrested after being charged with smuggling 95kg of cocaine into the country.

The bust was made on the Sea Princess on Sunday. The ship that originated in the UK stopped at several South American countries along the way.

Australian Border Force regional commander Tim Fitzgerald said it was the country’s biggest ever cruise ship narcotics seizure, with an estimated value of $30m.

The cocaine was allegedly discovered inside locked suitcases in two vessel cabins.

5. NSW school sent out newsletter saying children conceived through IVF were born “out of sin”.

The Catholic school in in Murrumbidgee attended by the children of the NSW Education Minister has sent out newsletter saying children conceived through IVF were born “out of sin”.


Adrian Piccoli told a budget estimates committee that a priest at his children’s school in Murrumbidgee voiced the view and that it was sent out in a statement to families in a newsletter.

Speaking during a Budget Estimates hearing yesterday, Mr Piccoli made the revelation after Christian Democrats leader Reverend Fred Nile said girls were being bullied for not dressing up for gay rights event, “Wear It Purple Day”, which is held at schools reports The Daily Telegraph.

He said that would never happen at a Catholic school but Mr Piccoli told him of other “inadequacies” that did.

6. Nick Xenophon team will not support the government's proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Nick Xenophon’s four senators will not support the gay marriage plebiscite.

The senators say the plebiscite should go ahead, but not until the next election to reduce the cost to taxpayers.

The coalition government needs nine extra votes in the Senate to get its bill passed so now its only hope lies in convincing Labor.

Leader Bill Shorten told colleagues the most effective way to deliver marriage equality was for the parliament to vote directly on a change to the Marriage Act.

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm, who previously brought in his own bill to allow same-sex marriage, urged his fellow crossbenchers to reconsider their position.

"If it's left to the Greens, Saudi Arabia will have marriage equality before we do," he said.

7. Feuding parents refuse to call daughter by same name.

The parents call the little girl by separate names. Via iStock.

A couple locked in a bitter legal dispute over the custody of their three-year-old daughter won’t even call the little girl by the same name.

The case is in the British High Court, and is being played out across two nations with the little girl’s father in Britain while her mother is in New York.

The girl was born in New York, but when she was aged one she had moved to London to live with her father. The arrangement had been with the mother’s agreement, but since then relations between the parents had broken down and the woman had applied to the courts to have her daughter returned to the United States to live with her reports The Telegraph. 

A judge refused the application saying that the girl was “habitually resident” in the UK and was integrated into London life.

In his written ruling he said: “A striking fact of this case is that both parents call their child by a different name.”

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