Botched 'breast implants ruined my life.'

It’s a familiar story. After feeding her beautiful baby girl, Kayla Cole’s breasts became somewhat deflated, leaving her painfully self-conscious and cautious about her clothing choices.

But four years after expensive cosmetic surgery, the 26-year-old says she’d give anything to go back to those ‘sacs of skin’.

Originally a EE cup, the Ballina based-woman’s breasts had sagged to an uneven B after her first child, reports The Sun. Sick of being embarrassed about her chest, Cole obtained a $17,000 loan and enlisted the help of a Gold Coast cosmetic surgeon to get her up to an even C cup.

But the surgery failed.

Video by ABC

Three months post-op, Cole’s implants appeared uneven and had even begun to slip out of the breast pocket. When she raised this with the surgeon, they insisted that the breasts were simply still swollen and would eventually return to normal.

However, a consultation with a different surgeon identified 11 separate problems with her new breasts, including scaring and nipple sizing.

“I can see the implant ripples on both breasts, one sits lower than the other, one is firmer than the other and that’s just from what I can see,” she told The Sun.

“My scarring is really bad now and I can see all the edges of the implant around my breast and can feel them shifting down, falling out of my breast pocket.”

Mortified, she tried to hide them from her partner of nine years, not to mention the rest of the world.

“I only ever wear high tops and t-shirts; I don’t like anyone being able to see any part of my cleavage,” she said. “My confidence went from zero to rock-bottom after the surgery. I’m so self-conscious now because I know my boobs are deformed.”

Unfortunately, with a small business, two kids and loan repayments, corrective surgery is currently not feasible for Cole. That’s also the reason she’s unable to take legal action against the surgeon – it’s simply too expensive.

“I didn’t get surgery so that I could be the blonde girl with the massive fake boobs, I just wanted for them to look normal and natural but it all went horribly wrong,” she said.

“If I could take it all back I would.”