People are sharing their most boring celebrity encounters and WOW.

Video by MWN



You know the fantasy where you meet your favourite celebrity and they immediately realise you’re not like everyone else and fall in love with you?

And then you move into their Hollywood mansion and reenact that “Big mistake, HUGE” scene from Pretty Woman?

And then you both go on Late Night with Seth Meyers and you’re hilarious and relaxed and no one can believe you haven’t been on TV before?

But then they dump you for their co-star and you turn into Britney circa 2007?

Yeah… that’s probably not going to happen.


If you do meet your favourite celebrity, they’ll probably just push past you on the train or burp behind you in line at McDonalds.

You see, celebrities can be very boring and mundane and wear trackie dacks too.

I know this because people are sharing the most mundane encounters they’ve had with celebrities on Twitter and boy is it a snoozefest.

It’s also quite hilarious.

Anyhoo, here’s a bunch of them: