ROADTEST: "I used this potent $30 serum on my dark circles for 2 weeks. Here’s exactly what it did."

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As a skincare skeptic, I keep my products to a minimum and my routine quick. 

In no world will I ever come home from a late night and think 'Hey, let me just quadruple cleanse, exfoliate, tone down, oil up, put a mask on, moisturise then head to bed.'

There are definitely diligent women out there who can commit to a process like that and all power to them, but that’s just not me. 

That’s why when I’m trialling a new product that manages to finesse its way into my everyday skincare routine, it's a pretty big deal.

For context, my skin is relatively easy to manage. 

I usually get a few breakouts due to my terrible case of 'I must have dessert every night'. But besides that, my main skin concerns are — like most — trying to keep my face looking radiant, healthy and... alive. 

Unfortunately, dark circles can’t be placed under any of those categories. And yet there they are, sitting pretty, right under my eyes. 

I don’t quite remember a time before my dark circles appeared. And to be quite honest, I’ve never thought to get rid of them. 

I continue to stay up late every night. They continue to show up every morning. 

We co-existed peacefully. 

At least we did until I came across a game-changing product: BOOST LAB’s $30 Bio-Active Eye Reset Serum.  

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In case you’ve never heard of BOOST LAB before, let me introduce you. 

BOOST LAB is home to incredible serum specialists that make sense of those otherwise confusing skincare ingredients and offer quality, targeted and affordable skin solutions for all.


Not to mention, they are supporters of the “simple skincare” routine. (BIG tick from me.) 

The Bio-Active Eye Reset Serum is designed specifically for people who have dark circles, fine lines and puffiness that just won’t budge. 

In order to get the job done, this heavenly serum uses a powerful bio-blend of Peptides, Pro-Vit B5 and Mineral Tonic. 

But what exactly do these fancy words mean? Let’s break them down.

  • Peptides: They stimulate collagen production and contain the super efficient building blocks (Amino Acids) that work to repair and reduce the appearance of tired eyes. 
  • Pro-Vit B5: This is a vitamin that protects the skin’s barrier. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect which means it can combat any puffiness around your eyes. 
  • Mineral Tonic: Mineral tonic acts as the clarifying mixer in this nutrient-packed, skin-loving cocktail. 

Image: Supplied.

BOOST LAB calls these ingredients their Super-Boost Essentials. Together, they work to rejuvenate, refresh and restore rested looking eyes. So to sum up, my dark circles clearly didn’t stand a chance. 

I loved how seamlessly the actual serum application slotted into my routine. 

After cleansing and before moisturising, I would apply 1-2 drops onto my fingertips, rub them together and then lightly glide and pat the serum around my eye contour. 

The serum itself was slippery, lightweight and completely soaked into my skin after 30 seconds. 

I used it twice a day, morning and night for 2 weeks and was immediately impressed by how fast-acting the product was. 

The Results: Brighter, hydrated under eyes and my dark circles? FADED. 

Image: Supplied.


And no, for any skeptics out there, I didn’t coincidentally start sleeping early for the past fortnight — trust me, my toxic trait is putting sleep at the bottom of my priorities. (I’m working on it.)

After my trial period using the serum, I even noticed improvements to my makeup application. My concealer sat beautifully, and I didn’t need to use as much as the colour contrast wasn’t as stark. 

Overall, my eyes felt and looked healthier. And my favourite part of the whole process was how effortlessly this product fit into my skincare routine. 

After a really positive experience using the BOOST LAB Bio-Active Eye Reset Serum, I found myself on their website, curious as to what else was on offer. Maybe a solution to fix my chocolate-fueled breakouts? 

I mean, now that I’ve given my eye area a supercharged boost, it would be rude not to offer the same care to the rest of my face. 

With categories for every skin concern, their website made it unbelievably easy to figure out what product I should go for next. 

Their website literally has categories for everything from blemishes, dry skin, enlarged pores, to wrinkles, uneven tone, dark spots and more. 

You can even take a free skin advisory quiz where they analyse your skin concerns and recommend the serum formulas that are best-suited to you. 

AND if you suffer from multiple skin concerns, BOOST LAB has created Power Packs to address all your problems at once. Skin problems, I should say. Although I’ll admit, applying the serum to my face was very therapeutic.

Give your skin the supercharged boost it needs by checking out BOOST LAB's extensive range of serums. Use the code BOOST10 to receive $10 off your order.

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Boost Lab
As serum specialists, BOOST LAB has designed hyper-targeted solutions for individual skin concerns, using only gold standard quality, high potency ingredients and formulations to give your skin the supercharged boost it needs, no matter what challenges your lifestyle brings.