Why one Home And Away star felt the need to explain her body size.

“There is nothing controversial about my body.”

In 2014, Bonnie Sveen became a poster-girl for body confidence when she stood up at the Logies and thanked Australia for accepting her and liking her despite the fact she wasn’t very, very thin.

This is Bonnie Sveen.

And if you are wondering why a woman who looks like this has to make mention of her size, you’re not alone.

So now Bonnie has explained why on that Logies night, she felt the need to make this speech:

Video via Channel 9

1. There was a mean woman at the beach.

Sveen told The Daily Telegraph that days before that now infamous Logies speech she was approached as she lay sunbathing on the beach.

An older woman came over to her and said, “I don’t think you’re right for Brax at all [her onscreen love interest]. You’re too fat.”

Thanks for the feedback, lady.

More pictures of Bonnie (Post continues after gallery):

And the second reason:

2. Los Angeles. That is all.

Like many actresses before and since, Bonnie spent some time on LA’s brutal audition circuit. And there, she quickly got the message that she was meant to be a certain size. Have a certain figure. A certain body.

“I got sick of being objectified and I felt that I was compromising myself,” she says of the auditioning and the critiques that went with it. “I felt that I couldn’t breathe when I was wearing them, but the American girls kept telling me I looked so much better in Spanx. This led to a little shift in my mind. I knew that I didn’t have to conform to this concept of what is attractive. Even then I knew this wasn’t my job.”

So Bonnie came home, won a Logie, and the rest is history.

“I never apologised for my body at the Logies,” she tells the Tele. “But I was simply welcoming the positive feedback from the network, the producers and the viewers. I felt that I needed to point out the obvious thing that was left unsaid — that I am a different kind of female protagonist. In the context of screen actors, I am bigger.”

And that, right there, is bizarre.

Have you been body shamed?

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