'Now my dog can't even get a bone? That's it, Paleo. I'm DONE WITH YOU.'


Just when you thought our almonds couldn’t get more activated, and our fats couldn’t get more flaxxinated, the Paleo wagon has rolled into town for more crazy.

Local butchers are reportedly RUNNING OUT OF BONES. The reason? Paleo-fanatics and their obsessions with bone broth.

Yep. The humble butcher shop has been over run by caveman wannabees.

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The broth, favoured by paleo prince Pete Evans, is apparently a nutrient-rich superfood with a wide range of benefits: shiny hair, increased immune system, presumably the ability to tackle woolly mammoths and light fires in caveman caves, or at least complete cross-fit training. 

But FFS.  

Anyone hoping to secure some ham bones to make a pea and ham soup, or to treat their slobbery dog to something to bury in the garden now has to compete with the fantasies of fucking pre-civilisation hunter-gatherers.


(Hunter-gatherers, mind you, who draw the line at drinking bone broth out of caveman-approved coconut shells, instead preferring the comfort of takeaway coffee cups):

Coffee in the A.M. and meat juice aka bone broth from @belcampomeatco in the P.M.

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Meat producers recently told the ABC that sales of big-bags-of-bones are now second only to mince meat, and they can’t keep up with demand.

Giant bones, usually like 30 cents a bag, now snaffled up and going for a much larger price.

Won’t someone think of the dogs?

And the soup?



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