Used baby onesies are being sold on facebook for over $50. What?

There is an epidemic sweeping through middleclass suburbia as you read this. It’s a sickness that has taken hold of seemingly well-minded women.

That’s right – it Bonds Zippy Wondersuit fever and chances are, you know someone who has fallen victim.

Perhaps you, like me were unaware of this frenzy until recently when Mamamia published an article about a Zippy fetching a whopping $60,000 on eBay.

This wasn’t just any old Zippy. It was the coveted ‘Confetti’ Zippy. Released at Christmas as a limited edition, its sparkly sports have taken hold and sent Mum’s certifiably gaga.

Now, as a person whose best friend previously worked for Bonds, I can tell you I own a small Bonds store. Why wouldn't I. It’s nice stuff and I got quite a bit of it free too. Great for everyday wear and those Wondersuits are the best pyjamas.

But let’s not get carried away here. That’s what they are. Pyjamas.

You don’t throw a floral onesie on your kid and take them to a wedding. Beyoncé and Kimmy K-W aren’t decking out Blue and North in their Bonds finest. Quite frankly, the day you see my daughter walking around outside our home in a Wondersuit, call the police. Somebody has murdered me and stolen my baby. We do not leave our house in our pyjamas. Literally zero people see them.

The ‘rare’ Bonds Zippy’s include the Confetti, Tessal, Octopus Garden, Anchors, Green Diamonds, Cherries, Strawberries, Mermaids plus a whole lot more. These suits regularly fetch anywhere between $60 and $150 in good condition.

I know this because I went undercover and joined a few closed Facebook groups dedicated to buying, selling and running ‘lucky dips’ for Bonds pieces.


The diehards call these pieces ‘Unicorns’ and they are desperate to get their hands on them.

I’ve been dying to point out that a Unicorn, much like a husband that cooks and cleans, is a mythical creature. Not a rare item. Unicorns are not on the endangered list. They just plain do not exist. Please call them something else.

They're to wear at home.

There are lucky dips run in these groups. It’s the world’s best idea for anyone looking to make a quick buck. Simply purchase a Wondersuit from your friendly retailer (2 suits can be purchased for $30) and then offer fellow members the chance to ‘win’ one of the suits by purchasing a ticket. I have seen ticket prices range from $1 to $5 each, with as many as 50 tickets available. The seller is typically averaging about $200 for one suit.


I have happily sold some of my daughter’s Bonds stash that she has worn or was seasonally inappropriate. I sold 4 items for over $100. This is sheer madness. A single zippy of mine (something pink with yellow flowers) sold for $30. A woman, who wished only to be known as Princess Consuela Banana Hammock contacted me to let me know she too sold a suit for $40 (something blue with sail boats on it). Forty. Dollars. Grab a good sale and that will nab you four new suits.

Needless to say, I will not be partaking in the purchasing of any second hand or ‘rare’ Bonds items.

It’s Bonds, not Chanel and ya’ll need to calm right down.

How much would you pay for a baby onesie?

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