'Yes, I'm entering my cat in the Bonds Baby Search and I'll collect my winnings now, please.'

Quiet everyone, I need to talk about my cat.

In my humble and completely objective opinion, dogs get too much credit on social media. This is unfair because cats are just as adoring, loyal and playful. They just don’t need to bother you about it, every few seconds.

For example, meet Maeve. Up until well… yesterday, I thought Maeve was a girl, but a trip to the vet ironed out that rumour. But because it’s 2020, I will continue to dress him in the oversized velvet bow collar I express-shipped from Etsy.

She he is a nine-week-old kitten who was born on the harsh streets of Sydney. Now, he lives a life of leisure, swanning about my north-facing apartment and being an all-round adorable rascal.

This is also the beginning of Maeve’s official campaign trail to win this year’s Bonds’ (Fur) Baby Search.

And look, I know that technically the competition judges cats, dogs (ugh) and babies in separate categories but if there was an overarching winner, let’s be real, Maeve would win.


Bonds Fur Baby Search,


Bonds Fur Baby Search,


Bonds Fur Baby Search,



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If you also want to enter your pet or child into the Bonds' Baby Search (although side note: why would you bother?), know that they're doing things a bit differently this year. There's a new WonderBumps category for expectant mums and you can head to select Westfields to snap a pic of your baby, or bump, at their Baby Search Pop Ups. The age range has also been extended, with four-year-olds now eligible to enter.

They're taking entries from now to February 26 at 12pm and because all bubs, bumps and pets (fine, I'll admit this) are adorable, there's no public voting. Each day at 5pm, a winner will be chosen at random and Bonds will choose the overall Major Baby, WonderBump and Pet Winners on March 3. Plus, participants will receive a 40 per cent, site-wide Bonds voucher just for entering. The voucher even has two uses meaning you can share the code with a friend... if you're feeling nice.

The $60,000+ worth of prizes is pretty great too. The overall baby winner will win a Nissan X-Trail ST-L SUV car, valued at $41,000. Then, a year’s worth of Youfoodz meals valued at $5000 and Baby Bee Rover Pram valued at $799 is on offer for the winning WonderBump entrant, and the winning cat, or dog, will receive a year's supply of pet food from Pet Barn. There are also daily prizes of Sheridan ($500), Youfoodz ($500) and Pet Barn vouchers ($200) for the winning baby, WonderBump and pet. You'll also get the chance to feature in a Bonds photoshoot which will be filmed in either Sydney or Melbourne during 2020. More importantly, though, you'll get gloating rights, which I'm sure we can all agree, are priceless.

Either way, Maeve and I will see you on the winner's podium.

Will you be entering the Bonds' Baby Search? Tell us in a comment below.