CULT BUY: The $19.95 supermarket fake tan everyone you know is probably using.

Last week, I asked around the office for the most foolproof tans people swore by.

The one that’s impossible to mess up, makes them look like they’ve just spent a week in the Maldives and doesn’t leave them looking like they have a rare skin condition by day two.

There were plenty of recommendations, but very soon I noticed a pattern.

Regardless of skin tone or tanning skill level, there was one product that kept coming up over and over again.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark.

It costs just $19.95 and is available online, at Priceline (where it's currently 20 per cent off if you get in quick) or even at your local supermarket. Yes, you can pick it up at the same time as your fruit and veg (or chocolate and wine, I don't judge.)

"I don't tan much but when I do I use this one. It actually doesn't seem all that dark - it's not scarily dark so even someone with fair skin like me can use it," one friend tells me.

"It's green based so it doesn't have that garish orange tinge! It's good for me because my skin is olive-y," Weekend Editor Michelle says.


Content Producer Zara takes hers up a notch with Ultra Dark, which is also not as scary as it sounds.

"I'm so terrible at fake tan but I dont ever mess it up.... after a shower everything is so even," she says.

"It's also a really close colour to my natural tan, so it doesn't look fake."


The website does describe the Ultra Dark as great for 'those with dark complexion and experienced tanners looking for the darkest tan' though, so if you're a tanning rookie, maybe work up to that one.

It's best applied with a tanning mitt and can be rinsed off after an hour, or up to six if you like your tan darker.

Now to go buy a bottle or four...

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