Justin Bieber just inspired the Bondi Hipsters to do some "mohdelling".

The Bondi Hipsters didn’t quite manage to “break the internet” with their parody of Kim K’s now infamous booty shoot, so they’re giving it another go.

They just loved what Justin Bieber did with the whole “dead-eyed soulless look” in his latest Calvin Klein campaign, so they’ve recreated it. This time with a little more edge, a little more gut, a tad more realism and a lot more hair on their chests.

The Bondi Hipsters are underwhelmed. #mydeadeyes

“It’s quite incredible how he’s been able to summon the vacuous vacant-eyed gaze of an ice addict suffering from severe PTSD,” the Hipsters wrote on their Facebook page.

“We know what you’re probably thinking; “what would a cherub-voiced teenaged billionaire baldy know of suffering and sorrow?”… But look at him! Juhstin Biehber is sporting a 100% genuine blank-as-fuck thousand-yard stare, and he doesn’t even have hair on his chest yet!”

It’s not the first time Sydney’s bearded beanie lovers have taken on the “fahshion industreh”. They also tried their hands at “mohdelling” last year, when they reshot Miranda Kerr’s super sexy GQ spread.

Here’s some highlights from their latest stripped back shoot:




Kudos to you, Hipsters. Check out the rest in the gallery below.

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