'I am terrified of bold lipstick. So I made myself wear it every single day for a week.'

I love a person in lipstick

It's beautiful, graceful, edgy and it always tastefully toes the line between sophisticated and cool. 

I, however, loathe myself in bold lipstick. I either look like a toddler who had too much fun sitting at their mum's vanity or someone who tried to ∼find themselves∼ but ultimately failed.

I am dangerously boring when it comes to makeup. I found the desired outcome I wanted about four years ago and haven't looked back. That 'outcome' being, nude lips, shimmer on the eyelids and a cr*p load of bronzer EVERYWHERE.

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But in all honesty, it's getting a bit too boring. So I thought it would be a fun (and scary) challenge to make myself wear bold lipstick every day for a week. 

TBH, I am of the belief that I can make absolutely anything work if I try hard enough (and boy did I try). 

So here's what happened after wearing the boldest colours imaginable for a week.

Day 1: Black lipstick, 8/10.

I don't hate it. Image: Supplied.


Okay, confession. I don't actually own black lipstick. So I used eyeshadow mixed with a bit of lip balm and outlined my lips with eyeliner. 

Pls don't judge me. 

In all honesty, I thought I looked GOOD. I felt pretty and like I was the type of person a TikTok kid wouldn't mind following. (Huge call, but I stand by it.)

That is until I walked downstairs, and my best friend burst out laughing. It was a humbling experience, but I was not deterred. 

After about an hour, the lipstick began to rub weirdly... probably because it was not lipstick at all.

I give it a high score, specifically because I was shocked at how it turned out, and also because I don't care what the haters (i.e. my bestie) have to say. 

There is a funeral-themed party coming up (my friend is entering his mid-20s), and you can bet your bottom dollar I'm scooting my booty to Priceline to buy an actual black lippy for the occasion. 

Day 2: Pink lipstick, 6/10.

It's probably for the best if I don't show you the after..

I figured following my day of black, I could try to throw a little bit of colour into the mix. 


Enter: pink. 

The worst colour on my lips imaginable, or so I thought... 

You see, I've had a complicated relationship with bold lipstick, because the early 2010s were the trendiest time for bubblegum pink lips. I was around 13-years-old when it became a thing and I was never able to find a blue-based pink (in my budget) that made my smile not look... yellow.

Basically, I sat that beauty trend out. So on this journey, I was convinced pink lipstick would look atrocious on me. 

On a Friday night, I found myself staring at the tube of colour on my dresser and bit the bullet. I would wear it out for dinner and drinks, and let the food rub it all away. I'd give it a bad score and that would be that. 

But I ended up liking it. Maybe it was the Soju blurring my judgement, but I felt very pretty! 

I was happy with this colour, but I'm not convinced I would wear it again. It's so far out of my comfort zone that I can't imagine feeling confident enough to apply pink to my lips for a day when I'm not... drunk.

Day 3: Red lipstick, 8/10.

It wasn't too intense!

I've worn red lipstick before, but not in public. Because I'm convinced I look clownish. But I was going out for dinner so decided to make the most of the evening by glamming up. 

In all honesty, I don't own red lipstick either and planned to pinch some from my housemate who doubles as a drag queen, but not ONE shade he owned matched my skin. 


So I got to working and concocted the perfect red lippy with... you guessed it, eyeshadow and lip balm. 

I. Loved. It. 

It was so classy, elegant and PRETTY. I never wear outside of my typical look, so it was refreshing to see myself in a different light. 

I will wear red lipstick again.

(Side note: I didn't realise how unqualified my lipstick collection was for this experiment until I started. I'm deeply disappointed.)

While you're here, listen to You Beauty - Mamamia's podcast for your face. Post continues after audio. 

Day 4: Purple lipstick, 2/10 (I'm being generous).

...Not the best I've ever looked honestly. 

The pop culture editor at work was rummaging through her handbag a few months ago and pulled out a few lipsticks she received and handed a tube to me. 

I convinced myself I could make the purply-pink lipstick work but after taking it home, it sat in the drawer gathering dust. But you can bet that I rummaged in that draw to whip it out for this experiment! 

Upon application, I was a little... thrown off guard. I looked like a bad version of a teenager from the 80s. It didn't really soften my features; I actually think it made my face look strange because the colour didn't really match my skin.


I tried. I truly did. But by the time my first work meeting rolled around, I wiped it off.

What can I say, I'm a quitter. 

It did leave a really pretty stain that I didn't mind toning down with a clear lip balm though! 

Overall, would NOT wear it again. It just didn't suit my skin tone. 

Day 5: MY favourite lip combo, 10/10. 

MY personal go to. 

After a week of crazy colours, I thought I could cheat on the fifth day with my personal go-to lip. This may not be the boldest concoction, but it makes me feel comfortable AND confident - what more could you ask for?!

Basically, I outline with the Rimmel Lasting Finish Liner in the shade 'Brownie Pie', add some concealer to the middle of my lips and blend it all together by topping it all off with the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in the shade 'Cherry'. 

It's basic, it's boring, and it's bloody fabulous. 

The verdict. 

I learnt a lot. 

Bold colours don't always have to be loud or necessarily 'bold'. If you find the right shade, it can actually make you look completely yourself.

I may just prefer my natural nude most days, but I'll definitely be looking around for my next perfect lipstick when I'm wandering around the shops. You can't stop me!

Feature Image: Mamamia / Supplied.

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