This fitness blogger hasn't shaved any of her body hair for a year.

Morgan Mikenas, an Indiana-based fitness blogger, hasn’t shaved any of her body hair for a year, in a move that she hopes will empower other women.

Mikenas, who goes by the Instagram name @i_am_morgie has posted several photos to the social media site, telling women they don’t need to shave their body hair unless they want to.

“By showing my body hair I hope to make an impact,” Mikenas captioned a recent pic that highlights the hair on her legs. “Stop listening to the voices that told us our whole life that we need to look a certain way to be valued, respected, attractive or healthy. It’s up to every person to decide what makes them feel most comfortable within themselves.”

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In one post that shows Morgan’s naturally hairy legs, the fitness blogger writes: “Imagine if everyone just decided that today was the day they loved themselves and embraced every part of themselves”.

“Accepting and loving your body and your “flaws” because you know they are what makes you who you are. If you are focused on being true to yourself in every moment, you are less concerned what others think, which will lead to peace of mind. When you have nothing to hide and you can freely be yourself, there is a profound peace/confidence you will emanate to the world that will inspire others.”

In another post, Morgan has taken a snap of her unshaven underarm hair, writing that it’s “just nice to embrace the natural beauty that you are…the beauty that’s on the inside AND the outside”. 

“What is beauty anyway? To me…it’s to be beautiful before someone else told you what beautiful is supposed to be… Just as you are, you are beautiful.” 

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Most of Morgan’s followers have embraced her body positive message, with one person commenting: “Thanks for this. I live the struggle with confidence over my body hair. Seeing a proud, beautiful, confident woman showing off her hair is reassuring”.

“I stopped shaving around September last year because I was so tired of the upkeep and I actually really enjoy it now- thank you for posting this. Really makes me feel better about my decision and promotes the positivity needed in this day and age,” added another.

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“I love this so much! I didn’t shave for 8 months and felt awesome, truly loving my hairy legs, but shaved a week ago because I was scared I wouldn’t be strong enough to hear what the world would say about my hairy legs.”

In a recent YouTube video Morgan explained that she used to feel “dirty” and “ashamed” when her hair would grow out even slightly.

“So then I would feel obligated to go shave my legs so I would feel good and feel sexy.”

But last year, she started to rethink why she shaved her legs. “It just took so much of my time to get in the shower and have to shave everything and then wash my hair and wash my body,” Mikenas says. “One day I was like, ‘Why am I doing this anymore? This just takes so much time!’ So I just let it do its thing and grow out.”

And now Morgan is confident in her decision to go natural: “I freakin’ love my body hair. I love the hair that grows on my body. I just like being my most natural and human self”.

Would you ever stop shaving your body hair?