Mystery woman found stripped, stabbed and floating in a NSW blowhole.

At first it seemed that she was just another fisherman, a victim of the waves at a notoriously dangerous rock shelf. But as police recovered the body of the woman found floating face down in Snapper Point blowhole, it became clear something more sinister had occurred.

The mystery woman’s naked corpse was winched from the churning water on NSW’s central coast on Sunday, after being spotted at around 10:30am that morning, reports The Newcastle Herald. Two days have passed, yet still little is known about her.

The Jane Doe has been described by police as of Asian appearance, aged between 20-35, 170cm tall, with shoulder-length brown hair and no visible tattoos or birthmarks.

She was reportedly discovered with stab wounds to her neck, but police have refused to comment. They are, however, treating her death as suspicious.

What is clear to police is that someone with an intimate knowledge of the Lake Munmorah State Conservation Area had taken her to the site where her body was found. They also believe the person would also have had to employ a significant degree of "stealth", reports The Newcastle Herald.

Given the park is locked between 6pm and 5:30am, it's possible that the killer spent a night there. Regardless, police are hopeful that someone may have seen something suspicious.

Video via Channel 9

"It's a popular spot, a lot of people go there, and with it being a long weekend I just can't see how she could have been there and no one saw her for any great length of time," homicide squad Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin said.

An autopsy is being performed on the woman's body today, in the hope that it may reveal more details about her death.

Anyone with information relating to the woman's death is urged to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.