Kid's TV gets a makeover and nobody is happy.

Except for the kids, who probably don’t even notice the change.

When I was little my Frozen was My Little Pony.

I would watch it over and over and over again. To my mum’s delight (free babysitter) and older sister’s annoyance.

So I was devastated when it finished. I couldn’t think anything worse could ever happen.

But it did.

My Little Pony came back.

But they had changed.

Gone was the old-school animation of pudgy, short-legged ponies. In replacement: digitally altered skinny and glamorous looking ponies.

And it has happened again.

Bob The Builder visited the digital make over team.

He now has a chin.

A neck.

He has misplaced his belly.

He also is much taller.

And has quite the thigh-gap.

He also gave his long-sleeve shirt to Vinnies and is now wearing a short-sleeve version to show off those skinner forearms.

But don’t worry. He kept the tool belt.

New Bob vs Old Bob.

The Independent UK report that the new owners of Bob, US toy maker Mattel, made the change for the new more-digital viewers. They said they want to retain "the emotional warmth that has always given Bob the Builder a firm place in the hearts of young viewers."

Now, while many young children probably won't notice the dramatic makeover...parents are pissed.

Taking to twitter this is what some had to say:

The new series, airing in 2015, will see new voices for the characters, and a new home for Bob in Spring City. Bob will also now use a computer for his building designs.

What do you think of Bob's new look?

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