Beyonce threw Blue Ivy the birthday party of your dreams.

Time sure flies when you’re the adorable offspring of the king and queen of hip-hop and RnB. If you can believe it, Blue Ivy turned four this week.

And to celebrate, her mum threw her the wondrous, magical fairy party of our childhood dreams. And if we’re honest, our adult dreams as well.

The party was held in an enormous marquee, adorned with twinkling lights and flower garlands of every colour. There were tepees, over-sized cushions and pink shag-pile rugs as far as the eyes could see.

At the centre of this beautiful fairyland was a long table, each place adorned with it’s own set of fairy wings. Each a different style and colour, of course.

We’re guessing Blue Ivy’s cake looked absolutely nothing like these (post continues after video):

A personal favourite element is the costume collection, where I hope for their sake that they had enough Anna/Elsa dresses to go around.

Following in her famous mum’s footsteps, it appears Blue Ivy had costume changes throughout the day. First up was a baby-pink dress with a sparkly tulle skirt and white tights. But outfit number two is without a doubt the coolest.

Blue teamed a purple satin dress embellished with multicoloured butterflies with a crown, fairy wings and a CROSS-BOW. Tinkerbell meets Katniss Everdeen. Girl’s got style.

You can find the full collection of photograph’s on Beyonce’s website.

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