Why you never see the women with regrowth on The Bachelor.

In an interview with Elle magazine this week, Faith Williams answered our most burning Bachelor question.

No, it’s not ‘who will Richie choose?’ (because the answer is so obviously Nikki).

Instead, we’ve been dying (gettit?) to know: With so many blondes, where the hell is all the regrowth?

Only blondes remain…Post continues after gallery.

As any blonde would be well aware, regrowth pretty much begins to sprout the moment you whip out your card to pay at the salon counter.

So how is it that – in what our resident Bachelor correspondent, Rosie Waterland, has accurately termed the ‘Girl Prison’ – the inmates have such fresh roots?

That is FRESH. Image via Channel 10.

Outside the 'Girl Prison' Faith works as a senior hairstylist at Oscar Oscar salon in Brisbane. So, when she entered the Bachelor mansion, she immediately became the resident hairdresser.

She told Elle magazine, "I did a few colours... I did Kiki's extensions for her and stuff like that."

Er, we can't help but think how strange it would be doing the hair of women you are literally competing with for a man's love. As if you wouldn' know...mix in a little blue or something.

Listen to the latest episode of 'Bach Chat'. Post continues below. 

Faith did make sure to keep the fact she had her scissors under wraps for the first half of the show. She told Elle "I thought 'I'll keep it a secret, otherwise I'll have everyone wanting their hair done'". Very good thinking, Faith.

In the same interview, she said that she felt as though she got "friend-zoned" by Richie.

"...I think I realised it when I was on that date with Hamish [Blake]," she said.

"I couldn’t understand why he would put me on a date where we had no time together, whereas all the other girls that had second dates had the beautiful romantic dates, like in planes, and in chocolate baths—I can’t really say I’d like to have a chocolate bath (laugh). I’d like to eat chocolate, but not sit in it. Every other girl’s date was a lot different to mine, so that made me realise, ‘I think I’m being friend-zoned.’"

Faith made the top five, and next week we will see three (blondes) go head to (blonde) head, in a bid to win (blonde) Richie's heart.

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