6 things hairdressers want you to stop doing to your blonde hair.

Ah, blonde hair. Sure, it’s lovely but it involves much precious time and many resources (namely in the form of dollars).

Unfortunately, from taking shortcuts to not going the right shade, there are six big blonde mistakes top hairdressers want you to stop right now. And yes, we’re guilty of one or two (*cough* all of them).

1. Taking short cuts.

“The greatest mistake women make after they have achieved the hair colour they crave is to assume the process ends after lightening,” says Kerrie DiMattia, JOICO Australia Design Team Artist.

“Maintaining a great blonde or any other colour for that matter takes commitment. It’s almost an agreement between colourist and client that it will be no longer than four weeks in between retouch appointments and that during that period the client will stick to the home hair care regime and products the colourist has recommended to keep the hair looking as fresh and healthy as it did on day one.”

2. Attemping a bad home job.

Dyeing at home can be a great money saver, but if it’s a really drastic change, best leave it to the professionals.

“I have seen too many devastated clients attempt to colour their hair blonde at home and either damage it beyond repair or achieve the most horrendous colour results. We are here for a reason – we understand how to tailor a blonde specifically for you,” says Aidan Gardner, colourist at Edwards and Co, Alexandria.

We're betting Hadid doesn't get this colour at home... Image: Getty

3. Using the wrong products.

"I often find that when caring for blonde hair people reach for protein enriched products without the use of hydration," says Marie Uva, Wella Colour Artist and Celebrity hairdresser.

"I see so many people using the wrong products to maintain and care for the hair. I recommend to all my blonde clients to use either the SP Colour Save Shampoo ($36), Conditioner ($36) and Mask ($38).


4. Not choosing the right shade.

"Women often expect too much from their hair, push it too far. Platinum blonde locks may be right on trend, but are they right for you?" says DiMattia.

"The best blonde for you is one that suits your skin tone, looks good on you and that is achievable from your natural level without compromising your hair’s health."

5. Overtoning at home

Any blonde knows the importance of preventing brassiness, but you can take it too far.

"If you're a platinum or ash blonde, you may already be using a shampoo to alleviate brassiness. Violet-tinted shampoos and conditioners such as JOICO’S Color Balance Violet ($15.99) control your hair colour, adding cool undertones and preventing it from getting brassy or gold between visits to your colourist," explains DiMattia.

"However, if you have warmer blonde and are happy with your tone then you may not need to alter or enhance it in any way, just keep it looking healthy and shiny with a good shampoo and conditioner and regular treatments." (Post continues after gallery.)


6. Too much heat.

Your beloved straighteners are fine... in moderation.

"Without the protection against heat received from heat styling tools, the feel of the hair becomes brittle and the moisture and protein levels deplete," says Susana Montero Managing Director, La Unica Salon.

"This then means the tonal quality is affected. Denying the hair from moisture affects the appearance dramatically."

What's your trick to maintaining blonde hair?

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