Bloke live streams world's worst first date to mates.

A man has shared the group chat messages exchanged between him and his mates on what is undeniably the worst first date.

The date may have begun with gentle excitement but it only took an hour before it descended to the realm of go-to-the-bathroom-and-never-come-back.

Instead of making a polite exit, the guy begins to live-stream the experience by messaging his mates in their Whatsapp group chat to ask for ways he can tank the date further.

The result is a series of horrifying suggestions that make us all thankful for the oceans that separate us from the mother country.

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The date begins with the girl being called a "worldie" - which after some urban dictionary research is a rather complimentary term that means somebody is "world-class".

But after only an hour our unknown Romeo says it is: "Going down faster than the Titanic."

It descends further after he decides the only way to salvage the night is to let his friends backseat drive the experience.

The first suggestion is that he should ask the girl if she has had a haircut before ruffling her hair.

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The whole The unbelievable suggestion was even filmed, recorded and uploaded so his mates had proof of his apparent stupidity.

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When the "worldie" leaves for the bathroom the mates begin to plot Romeo's next move. The next suggestion is that he steals the girl's fork as she's eating. The dare might be harmless enough but they demand video proof their mate isn't  "too soft" to do it.

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The video is taken, posted and shared to the group who applaud their friend for his bravery.

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Thankfully the girl leaves before he can ask her about whether she eats her toenails but not before Romeo gets one more in.

"Lean back on your chair and get your feet up on the table," one mate urges.

"Very dangerous behaviour," another said.

This final act is the straw that breaks the date's back.

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The messages stop after the girl leaves and, according to the time signatures on his phone, the bloke went home to take screenshots of his conversation.

Images of the chat are currently being viewed and liked on photo-sharing site Imgur.

Watch another example of a dating nightmare but one that begins online. 

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