The Block's Lysandra: I want to help parents avoid this terrifying hospital trip.

After a terrible health scare with her youngest son, The Block‘s Lysandra has warned other parents about croup.

The Block twins Alisa and Lysandra are normally careful about sharing private information, particularly when it comes to their children, however last night Lysandra posted a cautionary Facebook status update after her youngest son, Cohen, 18 months, suffered a major health scare.

Cohen had been suffering from a cold when he developed breathing problems and was rushed to hospital. Lysandra posted this Facebook status update on the twin’s public page:

Croup is a virus that affects the throat and windpipe. It is caused by a virus and symptoms include a horse voice, noisy breathing and a barking cough. It is common in children under five and usually starts with a cold.

After posting this status update Lysandra received hundreds of messages of support from mothers whose children have also suffered from croup. Lysandra included this photo of her son:

Lysandra's son Cohen in hospital being treated for croup.

Lysandra has two boys, Emerson, 3 and Cohen, 18 months. She and her husband Ben Stevens separated earlier this year and are sharing custody of their children. Alisa has one boy, Nate, 2.

Have your children ever suffered from croup?

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